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  1. Captain Brainstorm

    2x72 Belt Sander/Grinder

    Yes, I know its not bike related but there's quite a diverse crew here on MTBNJ so I'm taking a chance. If anyone has one, or a line on one, please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Captain Brainstorm

    Fishing Thread

    Lets start a fishing thread so that we don't derail every other thread (more than usual anyway). I guess any fishing related topic goes. Gear, terminal tackle, methods, locations (if you're willing to give them up), trips, fishing reports etc., is all fair game. Also what you drink/smoke...
  3. Captain Brainstorm

    The what new bike are you considering thread

    What new bike are you considering, because I have have no idea! I need to demo, demo, demo.
  4. Captain Brainstorm

    Jr. Track and Field

    Anyone here with kids that run going to the nationals this weekend?
  5. Captain Brainstorm

    Vail Resorts

    Vail Resorts looks to be bringing the suck to more areas, including Hunter and Mt. Snow:
  6. Captain Brainstorm

    New guy

    Hello all, new here, fell ass-backwards into the Wildcat ride, looking forward to the next one. Thanks to Utah for “sweeping” me. Lots of “interesting” conversation here, from bikes, cars, to new and interesting uses for semen. Looking forward to the fun!
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