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    Is the Surge Finally Over?

    Over the last few weeks, I've noticed a sizeable reduction in trail usage. Wondering if it's just me and random luck or if others have noticed the same thing. I've been to Wayway on beautiful days and the parking lot isn't remotely full. It seemed like half the state was at Stephens, but even...
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    Don't Warmup on the Paved Road

    PSA: Before the Wednesday ride, one of the guys that lives on the paved road by the bat cave lot asked that bikers don't ride up and down the paved road as a warmup. Said it drives the dogs crazy and the neighborhood can't get any peace. Also mentioned overflow parking has been a problem...
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    Lighting Fixture Fail

    This won't be nearly as good as the Hitler 6 Mile thread... Attempting to replace an overhead lighting fixture. Can't get it to work. Tested the switch on the voltmeter and it seems fine. Ceiling connection is getting current. If I put the voltmeter to one wire + ground it shows 123 volts...
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    How Are Plus Bike Sales?

    Just curious given the recent threads and several on this board seem to be connected to bike shops. I drank the Kool-Aid a couple of years ago with the 29+, but there's still a ton of regular sized 27.5 and 29ers on showroom floors.
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    Changing For the Better

    First time back in a number of years; I see I posted a thread looking for a loop in 2010. The trails are really changing for the better. For one thing, it appears that many more are actually marked. The Glenn Beach (sp?) blue now diverts the entire fire road climb/descent with great single...
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    2007 Specialized Enduro SL Expert Medium

    $450 150mm travel 26er for the days you just want to straight-line rocky downhills and still climb reasonably well. Bike has been gathering dust in my garage for years. Overall solid condition, but needs some TLC: Frame has some scratches, no dings Fork and shock are in good shape - hold...
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    Mountain Lion Found in CT There's always some rumor about sitings in the Catskills. They actually found one in Conneticut. Came all the way from South Dakota. Real deal wild, not a domesticated cat that got away.
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    Trail Sissyfication (White Trail)

    Why not just pave the thing? Everytime I go on the white trail (the really technical section between yellows), there's another rock placed somewhere to make it easier. It was nice at first and maybe even necessary. Now there's a rock step on one of the roll downs that I've always been able to...
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    Help on My Loop

    First time riding at Wildcat this year (maybe 10 total over last 3 years). Conditions were great but I'm looking for some help on my loop. I'll describe how I go and would appreciate any alternatives on what I consider the not so good parts. *Start at corner of Meridan and Green Pond Rd...
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    Purpose of Beach Glen Blue Trail

    This trail is fantastic, one of the best around. A+ to the builders. But, it doesn't appear to lead anywhere. It merely takes you from road to road. There are a couple of unmarked off this trail but the one that went deeper in was basically a stream (OK, we've had some epic rainfall). How...
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    Trees Down

    Saw several trees large down on last weekends ride - and that's before last nights huge storms. I'll do my best to describe: *Riding white trail from from Waterloo side/old rail bed. Past both yellow trail turns there are a few left turns. There's one left where you go past a log on both...
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    Route Suggestions

    I know there's some good stuff here and a lot of you love this place but it just never ranks at the top for me. Here's an example: Part 1 - Started from the Saffin Pond lot on the yellow trail to the left. First minute was great technical riding. Then turned into a gravel trail snoozefest...
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