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  1. Tim

    Continental Road Tires

    So I ordered a set of GP 5000 TLs in 700x28C on Amazon for my road bike a bit ago. They finally came about 2 weeks ago….from China. I was under the impression that Conti tires were made in Germany. Hell, the carcass of the tire says “Made in Germany” on it. I think I already know the answer but...
  2. Tim

    Want to buy new fat bike

    Looking for a fat bike, size large. Any leads would be appreciated.
  3. Tim

    Any chance of finding a new fatty?

    So I am fully aware of how Covid has affected the bike industry. I had no intentions of getting a new bike but I recently rode with a few guys who were on fat bikes and I got the itch. If anyone has any leads on anything in stock anywhere I’d appreciate a heads up.
  4. Tim

    Wanted 8 speed Shimano trigger shifter

    I am looking for an 8 speed Shimano trigger shifter for my son's Specialized Rip Rock.
  5. Tim

    SOLD - 27.5 Industry Nine Enduro 305 wheelset, 110x15/148x12 boost, Torch hubs

    For sale is my used set of 27.5" i9 Enduro 305s with torch hubs (120 points of engagement). My new whip is a 29er so I have no more use for these. These wheels have typical scratches from normal riding over the past 1.5 years but no dents or significant damage. They run true and I also have a...
  6. Tim

    SOLD - 2018 YT Jeffsy 27 AL Comp Medium - SOLD

    I am selling my trusty aluminum YT Jeffsy 27.5" wheel bike as I recently go a new steed so I need to free up some $$. The bike has been ridden a lot and it shows but all mechanical parts are in good working order and have been well maintained. The chain is brand new and the cassette has very few...
  7. Tim

    Crank Bros Mallet E Pedals

    For sale is a pair of Crank Brothers Mallet E LS pedals, black. Also included are a pair of shims, stainless steel shoe shields, standard 15/20 degree release cleats, 10 degree easy release cleats, and cleat bolts/hardware. The pedals have a couple hundred miles on them and are in really good...
  8. Tim

    SLX rear derailleur/clutch

    I've got an SLX 11 speed rear derailleur. I seem to have to adjust/increase tension on the clutch about every 3 or 4 rides or so or I drop chains when doing big bunny hops or jumping. Today I dropped a chain at 6 Mile on the little jump section of red between blue and white on the very first...
  9. Tim

    Installing press fit BB anti-seize, pipe dope, grease, or...?

    So I am about to replace my press fit bottom bracket. I have read that for the best result (creak free) that I should use anti-seize between the bearing and bb shell. I have also heard that teflon pipe dope is the way to go. Of course, there is also regular grease or I could press the bearings...
  10. Tim

    Rear derailleur issues

    I am having an iissue with my rear derailleur. The bike is 1x11 with an SLX derailleur, XT shifter and a e*13 9-46t cassette. The chain is nearly brand new as I just replaced it. I noticed that recently my shift quality was deteriorating a bit and certain gears were a bit noisy (middle of the...
  11. Tim

    Thread locker on b screw?

    I have a Shimano SLX 11 speed rear derailleur. I have had to tighten the b screw every 5 or 6 rides as it backs out slowly on it's own. I notice this when the guide pulleys interfere with the second largest cog on the cassette. Is there a reason I shouldn't put thread locker on it and just be...
  12. Tim

    On bike tool storage

    I am very intrigued by some of the tools that incorporate into the bike in some way. I currently ride with a hydration pack and I carry a tube, multitool, first aide kit, quick links, zip ties, a pump, and water. It doesn't bother me too much but I imagine the freedom of riding without a pack...
  13. Tim

    Pike air spring

    So my new bike has a 2018 Pike RC fork (150mm). Before my ride today I grabbed my shock pump and hooked it up to the air spring and determined I should put in a couple psi. Well 1 stroke of my shock pump (Bontrager) increased the pressure by about 30 psi. I am thinking this is not normal...
  14. Tim

    2018 Giant Anthem 2 - Large - SOLD

    For sale is my size large 2018 Giant Anthem 2, 27.5 in blue/orange. The bike only has 574 miles on it and is in great shape but I am selling it as I should really be on a medium frame and even with a 35mm stem I could not get a great fit on this bike. The Anthem 27.5 is marketed as an XC bike...
  15. Tim

    New bike brakes don't match specs

    So I got a 2018 Giant Anthem 2 in late July. I love the bike. I had a soft rear brake and while checking pads/specs I noticed the brakes are Shimano M615 and not the Deore M8000 brakes indicated on the specs on Giant's website. I called the shop where I bought the bike and was told that...
  16. Tim

    Giant dropper max insertion?

    So I have had my Giant Anthem 2 since July and been riding an average of 3 times per week. The bike is a size large and I am 5'11." I have been getting a little soreness in my hamstrings directly behind my knee. I am fairly certain it is because my saddle is too high. There is a line on the...
  17. Tim

    New Here

    Hi everyone. I am new to the forum and also relatively new to mountain biking. Just dropping in to say hi. I grew up with bikes and learned to ride at a fairly young age. I rode everywhere until I turned 16 and started driving. Once in college I rode as a means of transportation again here and...
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