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  1. hardtale70

    White trail closure

    So sitting with a park super in their office is pointless? Actually yeah it is. You've reignited my passion for this. Seeing names from your rosters and TM lists caught for this would really make my day:D
  2. hardtale70

    White trail closure

    TW is a person.
  3. hardtale70

    White trail closure

    I found this trail when it was just flagged, went into the office and was given the "no one is in so leave your name and #", while later heard the bastards out there and went back to the office. Same shit, "name and #". On my next pass thru the park it was fully raked out to 10 yards from the...
  4. hardtale70

    Hunting The Wild Subaru

    Grab that cat, scrap it and buy yourself a burrito.......
  5. hardtale70

    White trail closure

    The lifecycle of this trail kinda makes me laugh,..anyway. I agree with Ryan that basically most of you have no idea how close you are or have come to being banned, so wise up. I agree with Norm that the time the builders wasted on this could have been spent finding 20 new miles of current trail...
  6. hardtale70

    Change of Scenery

    At 400k you're in the other one with the shop and 30' from a county road in winter. You'll have to be a lil more creative for out the door rides but KVSP is totally doable via the powerlines. Maybe look at the Tranquility Mill. Might be more your style and makes the Mooch your home base with 80...
  7. hardtale70

    North Jersey Dirt Epics

    I hiked that red dashed line from the Deckertown parking to the belly of Lusscroft , over to the top of Howell w chainsaws a couple years ago and it was a day from hell, so yeah, that's exactly the way through. Even though you are using technology as a shortcut, you're still starting to get...
  8. hardtale70

    North Jersey Dirt Epics

    Congrats on doing the Lusscroft ascent AND Howell in that direction. That drop into Lusscroft is the only way through in that area( so close to the lodge, damn!)There's just better ways to make it flow easier on the body, during a long day. Out of Lusscroft, did you go left at the Y and hit...
  9. hardtale70

    North Jersey Dirt Epics

    I told the shop to feel free to sell my fat caad's when they come in, cause hell, they'll pay the rent. The C-Dale POs read Brett 1, Brett 2, Brett 3, it's hilarious. I guess other bikes can pay the bills now and I should claim my steed:D
  10. hardtale70

    North Jersey Dirt Epics

    I'm pretty sure that's a way lil too much of the AT. I'd dump that file so no one else follows. BIG no no. If you went to Jumboland after this I'm gonna be beyond bummed. Great ride, but there's so much more.............
  11. hardtale70

    North Jersey Dirt Epics

    If you try to connect w/ HP just Parker Trail out and back or take road to Rock Oak. Although Howell and the Lusscroft system look viable they can really bring the suck if your not prepared. If you do end up over there go see the hunting lodge it's something to see(American Chestnut baby!) This...
  12. hardtale70

    Network Operations Technicians

    On the other end of this my company could use an extra guy as well. I'm currently pulling cat 6 and fiber every day all day til the end of time so a lil help would be great. If you're good with your hands it's easy as hell to learn and 99.9% of the population thinks it's black magic and are...
  13. hardtale70

    The (unofficial) Tour de Fat

    He's bailed twice on me mid-ride and left me wit his peeps, but I'm thinkin that doin that in front of the kids would be way too humiliating, so you may be right. I'm gonna by me a bicycle, join big brothers and get in on this...........
  14. hardtale70

    The (unofficial) Tour de Fat

    Saving anyone from a team sport is a divine gesture. I will get a bike someday and join you. Last time I was out was DP with you,WeeLee and his buddy, so we,re talkin decades basically......
  15. hardtale70

    North Jersey Dirt Epics

    I'm always here for counsel on the unknown, off the grid HAB stuff. I love my NY/NJ TC mapset:D
  16. hardtale70

    2015-2016 BIYF online winter complaint repository

    Frickin BEAUTIFUL! Somebody forward this to Grady. You are becoming a true mountain man Jim. Stuff like this is what it's all about.
  17. hardtale70

    Stephens State Park Conditions

    "THE" NNJ dirtbike mecca for over 30 years. Everything there is FROM dirtbikes. Cool out, relax and ease up on the koolaid. If it's on two wheels it's friendly......3 or 4 wheels, uh, friendly but a lil dopey.....
  18. hardtale70

    Motocross bikes at Allaire!!

    My first impulse is to tell you karma's a bitch but anyone going into that situation without a magnetic strip on their plate kinda gets what they ask I'll call it even:rolleyes:
  19. hardtale70

    The "Like" Button is ruining the community.

    I didn't even notice anything "like' until I got sick of the alert # when I logged in. Anyway I'm a lot like Matty except I love Cdale and Spez, I pretty much can't stand anyone, and I built my own trust fund. The original community is either gone or on the team and the team does everything off...
  20. hardtale70

    I fashion my crown from Quetzlcoatl’s quills

    You can infinitely customize pvc with a heat gun and not have that burnt marshmallow look............
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