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    Any Trail NOT Get Dumped On 7/3? Any DRY Trail 7/4?

    I live a stone’s throw from Six Mile and we got dumped on last night. My Mother-In-Law lives up in Ridgewood and lost power. Did any part on NJ NOT see rain last night and is currently dry enough to ride? Allaire? Hartshorne? Clayton?
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    Updated Chimney Rock Trail Map?

    I haven't been to C-Rock in over a year and want to start hitting those trails again. Sounds like there have been some new trails added over the last year by Gilbridge (may be getting the Street name wrong). Would love to check things out and I am wondering if there is a map marking the latest...
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    Nassau is such a fun place!

    I do not know the folks that maintain and build this place but it is clearly a labor of love. Your efforts are tremendous! I really, really enjoy riding this park and wanted to say a sincere, "Thank you."
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    Looking for Hub Recommendations

    I have a set of Rabbit Hole Rims that came with my Instigator frame- initially thought I would sell them as I am running the bike as a 27.5 but now am thinking that trying a "plus" size wheel (in this case a 26'er) may be a worthwhile endeavor. I got rims, and tires but need a hub set- I have CK...
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    Front Fork question- Too much Fluid?

    hey all- hope everyone is having a good Memorial Day weekend! I recently got 2 of my forks serviced- same model, year and travel. At the exact pressure one feels buttery smooth the other has a lot of compression at the same air pressure (FYI low speed compression is not adjustable, RS Sektor...
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    South Mountain AZ Opinions?

    Traveling to AZ for work in May and thinking about adding 2 days to ride- I will be next to South Mountain and found a guide for $170 to show me around. Any NJ'ers have experience? I appreciate the $ is alot to hire a friend but seems to be a good idea from a piece of mind standpoint. Also, I...
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    Nox is in fantastic shape

    was there Thurs night- almost too dry...
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    Dropper Post- Would You Do It Again? Worth the Headaches?

    Ok I have a dropper post I bought over a year ago and have yet to install and use it- had some cash awards from work about to expire so I splurged. It is a Spec Command Post- liked the reviews because it fails in the up position, isn't hydraulic and has a set-back. I tend to keep things...
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    NEMBA Fest?

    I attend this thing 2 years ago- was fun but expensive. Regardless heading up there again. Wondering if others are planning and thinking it over. Similar to Dirt Fest and a nice weekend to get riding in before school lets out.
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    Wheel Rim Question for a Wheel Build

    Hi All! One of the winter projects I have been thinking about is getting my King Hubs overhauled and built up as a 27.5 wheelset. I am an XC rider- I like rocky terrain like Mahlon but find most of my riding in the central nj area such as Harts, Chimney, 6 Mile. My bike frame could handle...
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    Six Mile in the Snow- bike set-up questions/opinions

    Hey all! I hate not being more active outdoors during the winter months so I am thinking about biking in the snow. I live a stone's throw from Six Mile so I think that would be my "go to" place. Here is the question- do I buy a fat bike (Ice Cream Truck Ops looks awesome) or do I "winterize"...
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    The Water Company Trails Schooled Me!!!!

    Finally rode there yesterday- wow. Nice trail I got crushed. Very humbling. I mean my tires had way too much air because I either bounced over everything or slid everywhere. I mean I hope to do better when it dries out buuuuut man I stiiiiink! I need to hit more Chimney...
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    Water Company Trail info Request

    happen to see information on the Water Company Trails off Rt 518. This is is on my home from work and I am interested in checking it out. Is it an "after work" kind of ride? At a moderate pace how much time can one expect to be riding? An hour? 90 minutes? Finally is it SS'able for the mortal...
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    I got a 2003 schwinn spin in need of repair

    Any shops in central nj that have good experience? The bottom bracket is an ISIS and needs replacing- I have the bb (old one from a retired bike that I am pretty sure will work) but don't have the tools and figure by the time I buy everything I could just bring it to a shop. I live within 5...
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    Resistance Trainer on a Single Speed?

    Hi all thinking of getting a magnetic trainer with resistance levels built into the unit- I have a nice SS frame with road tires gathering dust- would this be a good candidate for a trainer?
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    Early Morning Parking in the Canal Lot

    The week of December 15th I am hoping to get riding in very early in the day- like 6:00 AM. I know the rangers will not tolerate late night parking in the lots- which is completely understandable but will they tolerate a car in the lot super early? When is "dawn" technically? 30 minutes prior to...
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    Gloworm Light Experiences?

    Starting to embrace that if I really want to continue biking in the dark season with all of the Family commitments (swim meets, practices etc...) I probably need to buck-up and get some lights. Gloworm seems to be decent (X2 Handle Bar light at 1800 Lumens paired with an X1 at 800 Lumens) for...
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    When does VT typically get too cold to camp?

    Looking to get to KT one more time- thinking mid October. Also thinking that it'll be too cold to camp comfortably. Any experience out there?
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    Millstone Trails in VT

    Just got back from KT NEMBA Fest. Had a blast- even met a few NJ guys! (Shout out to bikeaholic!!) Anyway came back to the news that my wife will be traveling for work in late July so I will have a few days to ride. KT is back to the top but I was wondering if I could throw a few additional...
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    NEMBA Fest Anyone?

    Weekend of June 20th up at Kingdom Trails. Dirt Fest was so fun that my wife gave me the go ahead. Anyone else going?
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