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  1. ytc100

    MTB on The Weather Channel NOW!

    Check it out, pretty good so far.
  2. ytc100

    Wednesday 10/17 North Jersey Ride

    Anyone going to be around early in the day? I can start anytime from 10am to 2pm. If the weather is good I'm looking to ride around 15 miles. Don't care what the pace is as I have no problem waiting for you if you have no problem waiting for me as I will stop here and there. Mooch, Blue Mtn...
  3. ytc100

    Sell your 29ers now...
  4. ytc100

    Riding tomorrow

    Any one else out of work and riding tomorrow 8/24? Thinking 15-20 miles 10-11am start. Medium pace, with stops as needed. Could go to the Mooch (I know this place pretty well), or you can show me around Wayway or Ringwood. Could even go to Blue Mtn. (I know this place fairly well) if anyone's...
  5. ytc100

    This guy makes some nice videos

    Some good techy climbing here: Check out Goat Camp in the Arizona section for more technical fun.
  6. ytc100

    Mahlon Dickerson Notice the two mtn. bikers have no helmets. Yeesh.
  7. ytc100

    Sunday 8/26 Ride?

    Anyone riding anywhere other than Allamuchy Sunday? Looking for a few hours at a moderate pace.
  8. ytc100

    Deer Park

    Wow has anyone else seen the pond lately? Where is all the water?? Looks like they may have had a problem with the dam judging by the amount of construction equipment and bags of cement over there.
  9. ytc100

    Cars try to kill me...

    So I was thinking of one of these. Too dorky?
  10. ytc100

    The Tourne Gets Sanitized

    Came across two nice gentleman dismantling anything remotely stunt-like in the park. All of the ridable logs, log rollers, and any logs/rocks placed in areas which would help you get over or down a rock roller have been removed. Not sure I'm so interested in helping with any trail work at a...
  11. ytc100

    Dogs for Adoption

    Sorry to post this here as it's not the happiest of circumstances but my friend Pete passed away recently and his two dogs are in need of a home. Here is the link to a guest book in his memory which has contact info and a photo album with pictures of the dogs...
  12. ytc100


    Are out in force at KVSP. Woods were swarming with them. Some Deer Flies around too.
  13. ytc100

    Icky Leg Pictures

    Had me some surgery Friday. Here are some pics for any one interested in looking at my gross stitches. Not too bad really. Was able to get out and do 15 on the road bike today without too much pain.
  14. ytc100

  15. ytc100

    Hand Pump

    Just ran mine through the washer/dryer in the camelback. Now not only does it look and work like new, it's warm and toasty. :o :D
  16. ytc100

    Blue Mtn Ride!

    Going to ride Blue Mtn. Sunday, Nov.5th. 10:15am. Pace will be whatever speed you ride. :) This place is a load of fun, if you haven't been there yet, it's time.
  17. ytc100

    Guys Gals Ride!

    Ride cancelled.
  18. ytc100

    Single Speed Road Gearing

    I know it's not mountain biking related but.... I've been reading many people suggesting a starting point of around 70 gear inches which would equate to something like 46x18. Any thoughts?
  19. ytc100

    Somebody buy this or I will just have to. $270 w shipping!!!! Or am I missing something??
  20. ytc100

    Hybrid frame usability?

    Would it be possible/worth while to convert a hybrid bike to something a little more spirited for the road? Not really expecting to make it a "road" bike but maybe some kind of single speed hybrid with more normal mtn. style bars? Is the geometry too wacky for this idea?
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