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  1. TheLonerider

    Watchung - OPRA lawsuit update

    Just wanted to share... as part of my post-gaming the watchung thing I filed an opra request in July. After much stalling and some redaction of emails which were not supposed to be redacted, had to sue to get content. The result appears those fliers warning mt. bikes can be confiscated for...
  2. TheLonerider

    seriously want a fatbike but I'm old school... what should I expect?

    Seriously looking at a fatbike. What should I expect in terms of riding, maintainence, etc? What weight should I shoot for when upgrading or tinkering? Good tires? Tubes? (not ready for tubeless though i've heard it cuts weight). I am used to old school i.e. 26" hardtails and singlespeeds...
  3. TheLonerider

    Lewis morris okay to ride after all the rain?

    Anyone been to Lewis Morris since it stopped raining last week? Got a new bike I'm itching to try out but unfortunately the local park to me is Watchung and that is still a work in progress and I have no wish to antagonize "the man". It's 3/4 of an hour drive to Lewis morris tho, so I don't...
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