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  1. J

    27.5 fork

    Awesome, thanks so much!
  2. J

    27.5 fork

    Hopping in here a second. My son posted this and he’s in school so won’t be seeing this for a few hours. Bike is a 2020 Specialized Pitch size XS. Fork was Suntour XCR air 80mm but extended to 100. Within 6 months it was blown out. I have a tapered Reba that I didn’t think would fit. What...
  3. J

    Cheesequake 2020

    Has anyone been to Cheesequake lately? It got hit pretty bad by one of those summer storms. Wondering if it’s rideable yet.
  4. J

    Devinci Atlas RC - small

    PM sent. Friend is interested.
  5. J

    WTB: Skateboards 70's, 80's, and 90's

    Not for sale but here’s my collection of boards from the 80’s hanging up in my garage.
  6. J

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Looks like there’s lots of construction on Jacques Lane. Best to avoid that lot. White & Blue trails are in great condition. Didn’t look like they got rain. I heard red has mud.
  7. J

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Does anyone know if the Jacques lot is open yet?
  8. J

    Wanted:190x50 shock

    Looking for an upgrade to my stock Fastrax AF1 shock 190x50. I figure 190x51 would also work.
  9. J

    SOLD: $100 Kids 20 inch Trek

  10. J

    SOLD: $100 Kids 20 inch Trek

  11. J

    SOLD: $100 Kids 20 inch Trek

    Trek MT60 for sale. 20 inch tires, 6 gears, 2009 model. Price: $100. Works great but back wheel is a bit banged up.
  12. J

    Kids 20" Trek MT60

    Trek MT60 for sale. 20 inch tires, 6 gears, not sure what year. Price: $125. Works well but definitely used. This should be in "for sale" section, I accidentally put it in "wanted" and can't seem to delete/move this thread.
  13. J

    Wanted: 27.5 fork

    My original post didn’t say no 27.5+/29. (I added that in later plus the steerer tube length).
  14. J

    Wanted: 27.5 fork

    Still looking
  15. J

    Wanted: 27.5 fork

    Looking for an upgrade to my rockshox XC30. Hoping to spend in the $200-250 range. Looking for a 15x100 Reba 120mm or Fox 32 or 34 120mm 27.5 fork (not 27.5+ or 29) with a steerer tube of at least 7 inches. Thanks!
  16. J

    XS hardtail for my son

    PM sent
  17. J


    Hiked white trail today. Very wet. Gonna need some warm days to dry it up before it’s decent to ride. Some sections under water.
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