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  1. MuniMan

    Sterling Furnace Half Marathon, September 18, 2021

    There will be a Half Marathon in Sterling Forest on Saturday September 18. The course starts at Caretaker lot, follows the loop in a CCW direction on Hutchinson/Red Back, goes to the South Gate parking lot and then returns to Caretaker lot on Munsee-Eagle. It then continues on across Long...
  2. MuniMan

    New Trail Approved, Augusta Mine

    After months of planning and advocacy, Palisades MTB is excited to announce that we have received approval to begin construction on a new trail segment in Sterling. Initially, we will begin work by hand but we also received approval to bring in mechanized equipment to speed up building on...
  3. MuniMan

    Found a lost Tile on Hutchinson

    I think it was lost today. It was looking pretty clean. Found it this afternoon near the barrel bridge. Kind of ironic losing the thing that’s supposed to help you find lost things eh? Its now on the caretaker parking lot kiosk. Above the trail map.
  4. MuniMan

    Antler Creek Bridge and Causeway

    The PMTB crew started placing rocks at the Antler Creek bridge in Blauvelt today. We got three in and in general made a bigger mess out of the place than it was to start with :) . The goal is to replace the rotting wood bridge and harden up the perpetually muddy approaches with rocks from...
  5. MuniMan

    One less wet spot off the punch list

    With a little help from the puppy I took care of another perpetual muddy spot this winter. 21' of rock causeway replaced what was often muddy and where the trail was splitting out into separate muddy bypasses. Dec 31, started ditching out a drain. January 2, water flowing out and trail is...
  6. MuniMan

    First Tracks

    @nomad can claim first tracks on this new skinny. Made it looks like childs play. He came along right as I was finishing. The log is up off the ground, hopefully it will last a few extra years. It sucks carrying the bottle jack but it earns its keep.
  7. MuniMan

    Sunday Work In Sterling

    Took care of things on the home front today so we will be working tomorrow, Sunday, September 27, at the crack of dawn. You can come any time. Help for a few hours if you are out taking a ride. At this Location or on the trail From Caretaker Lot if we get side tracked on the way. There...
  8. MuniMan

    Donation wanted. Shin/Knee Body Armor for Sterling Trail Crew.

    I'm looking for a donation of shin/knee protection to wear while working on the trails. For protection when making bigger rocks into smaller rocks with a sledge hammer. When a chip flies and hits you in the shin it really hurts. This kind of work. Something like a pair of old 661s...
  9. MuniMan

    Sterling Furnace Half Marathon, Saturday September 19.

    Heads up people, There will be a Half Marathon Trail run in Sterling Forest on September 19. Due to Covid it is limited to 40 runners + staff. The race will start at Caretaker parking lot. It will cover the multi-purpose loop in a CCW direction with a water stop at the South Gate parking...
  10. MuniMan

    Swamp Thing Bridges Project Completed

    The Swamp Thing bridges have been rebuilt by Palisades MTB First Ride Across Riders Eye View Materials were funded by donations and Palisades MTB memberships. Thanks go to all who volunteered and contributed.
  11. MuniMan

    2020 Work/Expansion

    The Americorps/NYNJTC crew is scheduled to be work rebuilding the McKeags Meadow trail this week. Shown on the 2009 Master Plan. The Augusta Mine trail, called AM/ARC on the master plan has not been approved yet, so for the time being McKeags and the Current loop will remain disjoint except...
  12. MuniMan

    Sterling Trail Work, Saturday 1/11

    We will be out doing trail work this coming Saturday. 8:30am at Caretaker Parking lot on Long Meadow Road or anytime after on the trail. We will quit probably about 2:00. Current weather forecast is 60 degrees with no rain. Task of the day will be hardening up some of the persistent mud...
  13. MuniMan

    The White Pipes of Sterling

    I'm sure that just about everybody who has ridden in Sterling Forest has noticed the 12' high white PVC pipes on the side of the Munsee-Eagle trail. There is also one somewhat hidden on the side of Hutchinson. In the winter when there are no leaves you can see quite a few more in the woods if...
  14. MuniMan

    Nail found on trail

    I found this today on the Hutchinson Trail. ( The nail, not the money). I picked it up about 100’ from the dam at the Caretaker parking lot. Who knows how many times it has been ridden over in the past 3 years. Not sure if it’s exact age. Google says hand made square nails fell out...
  15. MuniMan

    Sterling Work/Expansion 2019

    The current status for Sterling work/expansion is as follows: 1) NY State is still reviewing a plan for a new trail. On the master plan it is called the Augusta Mine Trail. If approved, it will run from Hutchinson Trail at the very large rock outcrop that is about .2 of a mile from the...
  16. MuniMan

    No Parking on South Gate Road regulation to be enforced by Tuxedo

    We are told that Tuxedo will be enforcing the its parking regulation for the entire length of South Gate Road. Park on South Gate Road at your own risk. If you are there with multiple cars please dbl park or box one car in if...
  17. MuniMan

    Downhill at Sterling.

    The Sterling Hill Mine that is. I think most everybody who grew up in the northern part of NJ in the past 20 years of so has been on a school field trip to this place and will recognize it. Sorry if this one has been posted before.
  18. MuniMan

    Hunting 2018

    Hunting Season in Sterling Forest begins on October 1. If I read the regulations correct it is bow hunting for deer and bear until November 16, then three weeks of rifle/shotgun hunting followed by another week of bow. Muzzleloading gets in there too. Bird and small game seasons extend into...
  19. MuniMan

    Tenafly Bike Workshop Build -n- Ride, August 25, 2018

    Tenafly Bike Shop is hosting another trail build and ride in Sterling Forest on August 25. South Gate Road parking lot. Arrive by 8:15 so we can head up the hill at 8:30. We will be working past the power line where it crosses section J on the map. Please come and chip in for a morning to...
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