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  1. mtnbiker371

    Stephens State Park Conditions

    I rode at Stephens yesterday. Conditions were perfect. Not muddy, however the stream crossings are much larger than normal. I didn't park at the gate so so I'm not sure how the area around Tilcon Lake is doing.
  2. mtnbiker371

    Deer Park

    Rode there yesterday. Trails are in pretty good shape! Few muddy spots and not too overgrown. Rocks are still wet so it is slipper in some spots. But it was a great ride.
  3. mtnbiker371

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    Did a brief ride at LM yesterday. Trails were fast and dry. Still a few trees down that need a chainsaw. Otherwise good to go.
  4. mtnbiker371

    Dickerson Mine Preserve Conditions

    Rode at DMP yesterday. Thanks Jason for cleaning up in there. The Yellow Trail was fantastic!
  5. mtnbiker371

    Lewis Morris Conditions

    I rode at Lewis Morris on Saturday 4/7. Remarkably dry, all things considered. Some large and small trees are down...but still rideable. Would certainly benefit from some chainsaw activity soon!
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