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  1. Piper1959

    Found one Helmet and a pair of riding gloves

    If you ran out of the parking lot last night from the Tueday night ride and found you may have left your helmet and gloves on the top of your car and drove off:mad:, well I picked them up just outside the parking lot. Just send me a PM and I will try to schedule a meet up with you so you can...
  2. Piper1959

    Ride Sunday 10-12 around 10:30 to 11: Meet up Anyone interested?

    I just spoke to Mike_243 he is interested and may be some other newbees from work will join. Any one else interested it will be a slow beginners pace as i am just getting back on the bike after a short recovery. Rode this past Sunday with some of the 501 crew great ride thanks to all for being...
  3. Piper1959

    Bike of a different nature

    I just came across an article at the CNN web page. Pretty ingenious concept/.
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