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    Two BearScat 50 Spots Available

    Unfortunetly because of a family emergency my dad and I won't be able to race in the BearScat 50 this year. We have 2 spots available in the Open Men class, that could be changed to 45+ if needed. Anyone interested should send me a pm so you can have my spot. I only want to be reimbursed for the...
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    Daily Protein Use.

    Last year I started taking Hammer Nutrition recoverite after all my workouts and it's one of the best things I've ever done(bike related). Now I'm thinking towards taking another step, that being taking a whey protein shake every morning to help myself even more. I'm just not sure if that will...
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    Training and Coaching

    I'll be racing Cat 1 next year and was wondering if anyone knew of any cycling specific trainers or coaches I could use next year? Or any online coaching? Thanks.
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    H2H Series

    Since it's now almost a week after the series ended does anyone have an idea when the final series results will be posted and the date for the awards banquet announced? Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it took about 2 or three weeks las year.
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    New Bike

    I recently got really lucky and got a Kona stinky Deluxe frame with a shock from a friend for free. He also gave me a seat, shifter, derailleur, crankset, pedals, chain guide, and bars/stem. I have a set of wheels at home I'm gonna use so all I need now is a fork, brakes, cassette, grips, chain...
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    Truvativ Ruktion

    After realizing the Truvativ Blaze wouldn't be good for me I'm now looking at a Truvativ Ruktion for the bike I'm racing next year in Indy Cross. My only question is are the chain rings removable?
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    Can I change from an 8 speed to 9?

    Right now my dirt jump bike is set up as an 8 speed. I'm going to be racing indy cross next year and I'm upgrading some of my components. I want to switch to a saint rear derailleur and shifter. Can I go from an 8 to a 9 speed with the same frame and wheel?
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    Truvativ Blaze Crank Set.

    Here's some more dumb questions. I'm gonna get a Truvativ Blaze double crankset off ebay and I'm not entirely sure what kind of BB to get. I already looked on the Truvativ website and I'm not sure what exactly it is that I need. I do know I need a 68 by anything from 118-126mm's. I also thought...
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    Geared to single speed.

    I'm converting my dirt jump bike to a single speed and i'm already getting a single ring crank set and I'm going to use the surly spacer kit for the rear. My question is do I need to use a chain tensioner if the bike wasn't designed for a single speed?
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    Bottom Bracket sizing question.

    I'm looking at buying a new crankset for my dj bike but don't know what size I need. Basically what I'm trying to figure out is how to know the size BB. Here is what I pulled off the old bottom Bracket. BB-TY30 Shimano Bc 1.37 x 24(or 137 x x 24 not sure) VA 68 EC
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    H2h Series results.

    Whenwill they be posted? It's been over a week since the last race and I think i placed in the top 3 but I'm not 100 percent sure so I need to know so I can get spots at the awards dinner.
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    2009 Campmor h2h series awards dinner.

    Does anyone know anything about this yet like date or cost? Still no updates on the site.
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    frame sizes

    I found a really nice trek cyclecross frame on ebay and I don't know much about road sizes. I mountain bike and I ride an 18 inch bike. I was wondering what a road 47 would be close to in mountain bike sizes?
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    crank conversion

    I have a three ring shimano crankset on my scott voltage dirt jump bike. I waould like to pull off the first and third chain rings leaving only the middle ring and then put on an e-13 bash guard. Is this possible or will it screw up the crankset and if it's possible how should i do this?
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    Pre race food.

    I know theres already threads about what you eat during a ride but I'm more interested in what to eat before, during, and after a race. I've tried things like oatmeal, protein shakes, power bars, and fruit and they all kind of worked the same. During a race I normally just use a Gu or two and...
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    bike conversion

    In the next year I'm planning to convert my 08 Scott Voltage 2 into a freeride bike that can handle Diablo freeride park. I know want a 2 chain ring crank with a e-thirteen bashguard, rock shox for, hayes or avid disc brakes, new wheels and tires and new shifters. I have a budget of about $1,500...
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    dont mean to get rid of people

    I dont mean to get rid of people but i found this site about Diablo and its pretty good
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