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  1. TimBay


    Just gonna fix and keep for now, I think.
  2. TimBay

    Kid's first mtb sizing?

    My kid is turning 7 next month. I want to get him his first mtb. Have taken him to Allaire on his 20" wheeled SS bmx style bike. He's not a super confident rider and still isn't even confident riding standing up. He's about 4'1. Was thinking a geared 20" bike, but wondering if I should go...
  3. TimBay

    What's your favorite knife (EDC)?

    In the mood to buy a Jersey-legal EDC. What's your favorite? Looking to spend around 50-100. I'm sure there's some knife guys on here.
  4. TimBay

    Rockymounts Brassknuckle & Thule Square Bars

    All obo $130 Rockymounts Brassknuckle. Has lock cores and 2 keys. New brassknuckle clamp (there was a molding issue on the original that wouldn't fit the lock core, so they sent me a new one for free. Great CS.) Pic below. $80 Thule Square bars. Max length is 43inches. For raised rail...
  5. TimBay

    Free Qr 29er and 100mm suntour xcm fork

    Anybody need this peasant shit? Free to a good home or I'll donate to 2nd life bikes. Timbay sales pitch upon request.
  6. TimBay

    Old Park Repair Stand (fo free)

    literally doing what @knobbyhead did last year: bought a cheap stand from Lidl and am now passing along this historic park stand. Free to a good home. Im located in Atlantic highlands, right by Hartshorne. Description: do you find yourself flipping your bike over trying to do basic...
  7. TimBay

    Wanted: med-large geared bike

    My wife doesn't like rocking the SS, so she's looking for a geared bike. She's pretty tall (5'9) with long legs and likes bigger bikes. If interested, I do have an older Red line Monocog for trade. I know @jmanic wanted that piece. @jimvreeland ? @Fire Lord Jim. (Whats that place you work...
  8. TimBay

    Free Dirt (near Hartshorne)

    Find yourself looking at your yard and thinking "gotdammit, I could use me some dirt"? Tired of catching your neighbors look at that uneven corner of your yard behind your garage, just knowing they're wondering when you're gonna get it together and slap some brown gold on that son' bitch? Well...
  9. TimBay

    State Park Closures AND Reopenings!

    Anyone using a face cover? Any recommendations for what has been breathable? I've been looking at buffs and other basic face covers, but figured I'd see if anyone has been happy with something? Lots of hikers near me.
  10. TimBay

    ISO Clipless Pedals/shoes

    Looking to try and make the jump to clipless. Anybody got some trail pedals and or shoes (American size 11) they want to sell? Thanks!
  11. TimBay

    Wanted light for helmet.

    Looking for a light for my helmet. I have a go pro mount so would be ideal if it can mount directly on that. Retail suggestions welcome also. Trying to keep it under a hundo. Thanks.
  12. TimBay

    Roof racks and cross bars

    Some older thule roof racks, 1 big mouth and a set of cross bars. $50 for the big mouth and $20 each for everything else obo. The old stuff is not the greatest for mtb, but good for road or hybrid or whatever. Old racks didnt come with any wheel straps or anything.
  13. TimBay

    WTB: Cross Bars and/or Roof Bike Rack

    Looking for something that would work for MTB and bars that work on raised rail SUV (2010 Subaru Forester, to be specific). Lemme know what ya got lying around on the cheap. Thanks.
  14. TimBay

    MCPS Volunteer Signup / Let's make something happen

    But in all seriousness, we know MCPS controls all things Hartshorne, so my thinking is if enough of us join the volunteer system, we could lead our own TM sessions and determine what to work on that benefits us (and everyone, but mostly for MTB, lol). Here's the link...
  15. TimBay

    WTB Saddle

    Who's got a saddle they're not using and want to sell me? Preferably in the central jersey area.
  16. TimBay

    Shimano road shoes RP300-S L (sz 44) - $50

    Only used a few times by my wife. Comes with cleats as shown. Pickup at or near Hartshorne. Let me know if you uave any questions.
  17. TimBay

    WTB Lock-On Grips

    Getting tired of dealing with pulling my grips on and off. Figured I'd see if anyone in the Hartshorne area has some used lock ons lying around that they want to get rid of. I'm not sure what I want/will like, so I thought it might be a good idea to try something out. Thanks.
  18. TimBay

    Vinyl, Vinyl, Vinyl

    So, I'm clearing out some of my vinyl. A lot of it is sealed, or barely spun. Make offers and let me know if you want pictures or information on any of the items. Open: $10 Brian Eno + David Byrne: My Life In The Bush of Ghosts (180 g Gatefold) $7 Band of Horses: Infinite Arms PENDING SALE...
  19. TimBay

    Give Tim Information About Bike Stuff Thread (formerly What tires should i buy?)

    Hey peoples of erf. I decided to upgrade from my stock Ikons. Any suggestions? I mostly ride Huber/Hartshorne, so some hard, sandy, loose, rooty business. I saw these on sale...but there's so many options, I figured I'd see what you experienced people have liked...
  20. TimBay

    Trade: Interesting old Royce Union 60s jr bike

    Cool old 60s roydlce union. Was my dads when he was like 13. Has a triptometer and I think I have the old rim powered headlight that probably doesnt work. 3 speed internal gearing. Pretty cool. Tires held air just long enough to ride it for a bit. Pretty beat up. Make me an offer.
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