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  1. JeffSpicoli

    R.I.P. Jordie Lunn

  2. JeffSpicoli

    Roadie Brakes...

    Anybody have a set of affordable road calipers they want to sell?
  3. JeffSpicoli

    Wanted: Shimano Road STI 9-speed Shifters

    Building a budget roadie. Looking to see if anyone has a pair they're willing to let go of. :)
  4. JeffSpicoli

    Used Part Sale

    Just a few little extras to move. Throw me an offer:D Seatpost - Raceface Evolve XC 30.9mm = $25 obo Handlebar - Raceface Evolve AM Low Riser 31.8mm $20 obo Rim/Hubs - 26 '' Mavic X521 disc only rims laced to Shimano XT M756 hubs black Spokes/Nipples - DT 14 SG/Brass $125 crank bros...
  5. JeffSpicoli


    Anybody have a used 1 1/8 threadless headset they want to part with for dirt cheap? For my beater commuter bike(uptown-to midtown nyc.) The bike is my first SS build with misc. spare parts; so I really don't want to buy new & spend alot...:hmmm:
  6. JeffSpicoli

    Quads in Ringwood

    Anybody see the pack of quads rolling in Ringwood today? Aren't they illegal within the park boundaries?:confused:
  7. JeffSpicoli

    Sourlands Conditions 3/14/09

    This place is in great shape..Majority of trails are bone dry with the occasional/few moist mud spots near the boardwalks at lower elevations.:)
  8. JeffSpicoli


    Poor Kid...
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