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  1. JeffSpicoli

    R.I.P. Jordie Lunn

  2. JeffSpicoli

    Jungle Habitat Conditions

    Trail Conditions are dry and perfect. Shocked that it was in this good of shape.;)
  3. JeffSpicoli

    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    Most of the fire roads have icy spots(thin sheet), but all rideable. The singletracks are dry and in good shape. Stay warm out there!
  4. JeffSpicoli

    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    Parts of the lower fireroads are still wet & have occasional puddling but the higher elevation singletrack(Poison Ivy, Skylands, Piersons Ridge, Race trail) are dry and good to go:)
  5. JeffSpicoli

    Rattlesnake on White Trail

    Had a close encounter with one today by Ryerson school lot today. Hit a blind corner around a switchback and it definitely caught me off guard. Mere inches as it angrily rattled away....o_O Careful out there folks.....
  6. JeffSpicoli

    Good trails for getting a beginner up to speed

    The answer is always Ringwood. It will weed out the weak..;) J/K....+1 on Kittatinny. Trails are easy peasy, lemon squeasy.
  7. JeffSpicoli

    Ringwood State Park Conditions

    Perfect conditions at RingHood today. Going to be some good racing tomo...:)
  8. JeffSpicoli

    Cyclist fatally shoots teen during robbery attempt

    This is Darwinism at it's finest...
  9. JeffSpicoli

    Roadie Brakes...

    Anybody have a set of affordable road calipers they want to sell?
  10. JeffSpicoli

    Ringwood! Important!

  11. JeffSpicoli

    Wanted: Shimano Road STI 9-speed Shifters

    Building a budget roadie. Looking to see if anyone has a pair they're willing to let go of. :)
  12. JeffSpicoli

    2010 Potluck Picnic

    I'm in...Bringing myself and beer..:cool:
  13. JeffSpicoli

    Is this too much hike a bike on the red trail?

    All of Tourne is rideable without hike-a-bike...Just keep training your legs..:)
  14. JeffSpicoli

    JORBAfest Live Blog Feed

    Best picture ever...:popcorn:
  15. JeffSpicoli

    Holy Ice Batman!

    Yeah...I was one of the unfortunate dudes who got in a fender bender after finishing up a ride @ the Jungle; my car apparently likes going sideways even with 4wd....:cry:
  16. JeffSpicoli

    Northern Valley (Bergen) riders

    hey now....'Ol New Milford here...:getsome:
  17. JeffSpicoli

    Ned Overrend Once Said...

    I've had my share of times with hours of memory loss; but that was due to unfortunate times overseas in the Corps. Sucks getting hurt doing something you love. Hope you get better soon dude..:o
  18. JeffSpicoli

    Our Wednesday at THE MOOCH (long)

    Damn Brian....I'll swing by later and check out yer battle scars..:cry:
  19. JeffSpicoli

    Anybody else see Batman at Chimney Rock?

    I remember hearing that story back in High School...The story didn't end well..:hmmm:
  20. JeffSpicoli

    Used Part Sale

    Just a few little extras to move. Throw me an offer:D Seatpost - Raceface Evolve XC 30.9mm = $25 obo Handlebar - Raceface Evolve AM Low Riser 31.8mm $20 obo Rim/Hubs - 26 '' Mavic X521 disc only rims laced to Shimano XT M756 hubs black Spokes/Nipples - DT 14 SG/Brass $125 crank bros...
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