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  1. xc62701

    Czigmeister Octoberfest ride 9/26 Sunday @ 9

    Gear up for a great fall mountain bike ride and celebrate afterwards at Czig Meister's Oktoberfest! RIDE STARTS 9am Marty's Reliable Cycle of 251 Main St Hackettstown, NJ 07840 RETURNS TO Czig Meister 100 Main St Hackettstown Oktoberfest - this town-wide festival will feature drinks, music, food...
  2. xc62701

    Removing briars

    Has anyone found a good way to remove this annoying briars??? I try to pick them off by hand, but this is too much.
  3. xc62701

    Marty’s Stephens Ride - 10am Sunday 8/15

    Come join us for a cruise through Stephens. The plan is to ride the course for the Iron Gate race in October. It’s an intermediate ride on advanced terrain. Social pace and no drop. Come checkout what the hubub is about and enjoy the trails! The 12.5 mile loop should take 1:45 - 2:00. Look...
  4. xc62701

    Marty's Iron Gate Endurance Race - Stephens State Park 10/2!!!

    This event has been in the works for the past 2 years. Those that know Stephens, love Stephens. Those that don't know this park, you should! Come race October 2nd. There will be 3 race options: 50 mile - 4 laps 25 mile half - 2 laps 12.5 miler beginners race - 1 lap Money for the 50...
  5. xc62701

    Sunday 7/25 Marty’s Wildcat Ride

    Sunday 10am at the Batcave lot. Join up for a tour of Wildcat. It’ll be a 2 hour loop. Intermediate pace on advanced terrain with no drops. Wildcat has some amazing trails that are both technical and climby. Let’s get out and enjoy some miles on one of the best trails systems in the state...
  6. xc62701

    Denmark MTB

    I know this is a long shot but I will be in Copenhagen in August and am starting to research riding in DK. I know they have National cycle routes - which is amazing, but I wonder how the mtb scene is. I could always do some touring or road but let me know if you’ve got any experience or...
  7. xc62701

    McDade Trail Delaware Water Gap SP PA

    Has anyone ridden the McDade trail from Port Jervis area south? I'm wondering how the surface is and if it's a good option to avoid riding the road along the delaware before crossing back into NJ in Belvidere. I am doing a bikepacking trip soon and I'm looking at this as part of my route. Any...
  8. xc62701

    GX AXS Lives!

    I got my bike back yesterday from Marty’s with the new GX AXS upgrade kit on it and if it’s anything like my electronic group on my gravel bike, it’s a game changer. So far after noodling around a little bit it’s fast, crisp, and 👍🏻. I’ll put some heavy trail miles on it and see how it goes...
  9. xc62701

    Liberty Gap?

    Anybody done the Liberty Gap trail? I know some of the sections west of Essex county but I’m curious as to how the Jersey city area connection is into west orange. Thoughts?
  10. xc62701

    Seat post issue

    I have a 30.9 seat post and replaced it with a different 30.9 post. The new one is just a tad bigger in diameter as it gets stuck in the seat post reducer/seat tube reinforcement piece. It’s made of aluminum. I was thinking of just giving the reducer a little sanding to help the post fit...
  11. xc62701

    What motivates you?

    On those days when you want to ride but things are not working, what helps get you out the door? Last night I put the kids down and was wanting to get outside and just get an easy hour in. I went out to see how cold it was and it was colder than I wanted. So I said, ok maybe I'll ride the...
  12. xc62701

    How many times do you think you’ve...

    ...been in a hunter’s scope? I think about this many times during the fall winter and today I passed by a hunter up in his tree stand and pretended not to see him. He was probably 100’ away and I did the least I could do to piss him off and did a quick exit from the area. No shots fired thank...
  13. xc62701

    What’s your bar light?

    I’ve got a great headlight for my helmet but I’m curious as to what people are using for their bar light? What’s good and inexpensive these days?
  14. xc62701

    Cyber Monday?

    Any deals I should be looking at?
  15. xc62701

    Bike Rack Thule Vs. ???

    I’m looking for a new bike rack. I’ve had Yakima roof racks in the past and then switched to Thule hitch racks. While they have been good longevity has not. They rust out in 2-3 years. Their lifetime warranty is great but I just got a new one shipped last week. I may just sell it. I think...
  16. xc62701

    2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert 29

    Up for sale is a 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper Expert 29. You can find the specs here: This bike has really low miles and is in amazing condition. It can be run 27.5+ with a different wheelset. I’ve had it for just over a...
  17. xc62701

    Lucky Events 2020

    Hey people! I hope all are doing well in these crazy times. I just wanted to drop a note about all of our events. Lucky’s Revenge, Lucky Charm Cross, and Lucky Devil 100k. At this point we only have one confirmation. Lucky Charm Cross at Craigmeur isn’t happening this year. There’s too much...
  18. xc62701

    Stephens 100k November 7th!

    Here it is. The name and some details will probably change as soon as we get it worked out but the reg page is up. Check it out!
  19. xc62701

    Stephens 100k Race May 2021?

    Hey guys. My team and I are looking at adding a 3rd race to the Team HB Hilltop calendar. Through our wanderings we have been checking out Stephens State Park. We already have the Lucky's Revenge race August 1st, but for those that want more flow and less rock, we will be holding the Stephens...
  20. xc62701

    How does a an event get volunteers?

    Hey guys. As you know my team hosts a couple of local events and volunteers are always hit or miss. Mostly miss. How do I get people to come help out at the event short of actually paying them to show up? What would make it beneficial to help volunteer? Does free lunch work? A T-shirt...
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