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  1. Sprintzer

    Road Bike ?'s

    In the market for a road bike and need some ideas. Thinking used is a good place to start. Any ideas on places to go and people to see. Live in Pompton lakes and am looking for a "DEAL". Not looking to pay over a grand to start as i dont know if i will even enjoy it. Thanks for the help people.
  2. Sprintzer

    Need a road Bike

    Looking for a road bike. Pref used and a "GREAT" deal. need help and ideas. thanks everyone.
  3. Sprintzer

    Sunday june 7

    Wow, was anyone not riding this trail this weekend. was packed. Great day for a ride.
  4. Sprintzer

    Sunday Ride

    Parked at top and rode down to my house in pompton lakes. Not a bad day. Wet as hell. Passed a couple of guys fjording a river. i wasnt man enough to go for it. Didnt think it would still be so wet. oh well. greta day for a ride though.
  5. Sprintzer

    Hate to beg but.......

    i hate doing this but what the hell. I am having a Tricky Tray auction at work for my company Push To Walk in riverdale NJ. We work with people with spinal cord injuries in a gym setting. The work is awesome and cause even awesom (er). Well to get to my point i am wondering if any local shops...
  6. Sprintzer

    New Suspension Fork

    Cheapest and best options out there. Been eyeing up the dart 2. like the price, like what is has to offer. Any other suggestions.
  7. Sprintzer

    From Soccer field up....

    Went for a short ride yesterday (sunday the 22). muddy in normal low spots but not too bad anywhere else. stayed in the lower section below the bridge as i didn't feel like crossing a bog at the top of the bridge. Lots of trails in that lower section though. Good fun for a late sunday ride.
  8. Sprintzer

    Skyline Lot to Skylands Manor

    Anyone ever done this. I am planning a ride maybe next weekend and was wondering how challenging it is. I have looked at the map and it looks like a pretty straight shot. Let me know what you guys think.
  9. Sprintzer

    JH Saturday

    ctual" race course today as opposed to what i thought may be the course wednesday by myself. Let me just say that i am glad my prior commitment to the Golf world will keep me from this race. Holy cow. I spent more time in or on, or inbetween, and even once in my shorts, the trees. That first...
  10. Sprintzer

    Sunday september 15

    Got up there yesterday for about 2 hours. Rode iron belt and hoeferlein from boat dock on red to ranger station. WET, but good. Only fell once and saved the rest. CLip ins are great
  11. Sprintzer

    Clipless Finally

    I did it. Signed myself up for faceplants and thigh bruises. Can't wait to start kissing trees and roots. Time alium's. Work well, just gotta get used to them. Was thinking about riding ringwood race on sunday, but i'm a fair weather kind of guy.
  12. Sprintzer

    Sunday on cannonball into ramapo

    I passed a couple guys at the base of cannonball on sunday. i saw you pass me on the trail as i was stopped doing the necessary business. I had never taken a ride through that section but i do my trail runs through there. I took the white up and that was "fun". I think cannonball is out of my...
  13. Sprintzer

    Friday afternoon

    I think i am heading up there friday afternoon. Hope to have a good time exploring the trails. You can just park on the road next to the gate right?
  14. Sprintzer

    Heino's in Pequannock

    Live in Pompton, shop in Pequannock. Not the biggest place but Heino's ain't bad. Greg is the man. I may be Ski biased since i do my winter shopping there as well. Friendly as crap, and a lot of fun to just hang out.
  15. Sprintzer

    Jungle today

    anyone up for a ride around 3:30 or 4 or so at jungle. new to it and want to learn it. let me know.
  16. Sprintzer

    Should i join a group

    I am thinking i should join a riding group. I feel bad riding the trails and not helping take care of them. who should i join. haha. really open ended ? there. Also i am getting bored of wawayanda. where do i need to ride? anything that is like 15 20 min from Pompton lakes area? let me know people.
  17. Sprintzer

    HT or DS, what's better

    What's better. HT or DS. Also, anyone hear about Motobecane or windsor. I'm buyin one of em on Bike direct and want to know anyone's opinion. I cant drop a grand on sumn real sweet so i am steppin up slowly. Wife would hang me if i go faster than this.
  18. Sprintzer


    Pleasently ran into my buddy riding up the orange trail on the west side of the lake. Kinda got pissed that he decided to stop in the middle of the trail til li saw mom standing about 7 feet tall and her cubs runnin up the tree. That was fun. Wil ldefinately wake you up. Heading up tomorrow to...
  19. Sprintzer

    Saturday April 5th

    Wondering if anyone knows what it looks like up there. Thinking about heading out Saturday and aside from the forecatsed rain what else may stop me?
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