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    lewis morris results

    the results are already up on Marty's:o
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    Lewis Morris

    Does anyone know if the Lewis Morris Course is the same as last year? :confused:
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    Ringwood and waywayanda Conditions?

    Anyone know the conditions, Im not sure if either of them are rideable today?
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    Was anyone able to get up to Stewart this weekend? Trying to find out the conditions before I head over there?:confused:
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    Anyone know what the conditions are like in Ringwood today?
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    The schenectady race #1 has been cancelled. The first race will now be on March 2nd. Bummer I really need to get my racing fix. Looks like Im gonna have to head south. The road today was brutal, I couldnt feel my toes for two hours after I got home, I somehow managed to get in 30 miles. God do I...
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