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  1. Bernies_Bicycles

    FOUND: Garmin in MCP

    We found a Garmin Edge 705 in Mercer County Park on 5/19. Stop in or call the shop to claim it. 111 Highway 33 Mercerville, NJ 08619 (609) 586-5126
  2. Bernies_Bicycles

    F Strava

    We have been selling the 520+ steadily to customers who have been enjoying the device so far. It offers many capablities for the price. The functionality of Trailforks is also an added benefit to find your way around a new trail system.
  3. Bernies_Bicycles

    Bernie's Bicycles- Hamilton, NJ

    Thanks for letting us know Mike- spread the word! Stop in!
  4. Bernies_Bicycles

    Bernie's Bicycles- Hamilton, NJ

    Bernie's is now carrying Niner bikes for all you mountain and gravel bike enthusiasts! We also carry Fuji, Jamis and Scott as well as all your needed parts and accessories.
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