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  1. skyrokz

    Nemba fest, June 2016

    Anyone going to the kingdom trails for nemba fest this year?
  2. skyrokz

    Another cyclist gone... dirtfest

    While attending the dirtrag's dirt fest in Raystown PA this weekend there was an unfortunate tragedy that took place on Friday evening. After the event closed down cyclist had the option of getting on a shuttle or pedaling about 2 miles up a paved road to the upper parking lot where we could...
  3. skyrokz

    Stravassholes at it again....

    Apparently strava can do more damage than good...strava results help close down trails to mountain bikers
  4. skyrokz

    New short travel bike suggestions welcome

    So off the bat no hard tails, not a fan, neither are my back and knees. I have to full squish bikes a specialized Enduro 160mm and an ibis mojo 140mm and while I love these bikes and will ride them till they fall apart I'm looking for something a bit faster with 29" wheels especially in the...
  5. skyrokz

    Outerbike moab april

    Anyone ever attend the outerbike Event in moab? @jumpa, @1sh0t1b33r, my self are planning a road trip out to utah for this event in april. We currently are debating bringing our personal bikes since bike rentals are included in the price of admission for the entire duration of the event. Any...
  6. skyrokz

    Stans tubeless porous sidewalls...

    So I just discovered something weird, this is the second time that this has happened and maybe someone can collaborate my experience. While riding on Saturday I was low on air and used a CO2 On my rear tire and I washed my bike so it was nice and clean. After a day I noticed wet spots all over...
  7. skyrokz

    Happy new year you filthy two wheeling animals!

    May the new year bring many miles to your Noble steeds this coming new year, ride more and stay healthy my friends !
  8. skyrokz

    Yo! Happy holidays!

    Merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah or happy anything else you might be celebrating. I'd like to give thanks for being fortunate to own a bunch of bikes to ride, for this forum which is allowing me to feel like I'm not the only tard who has more vested in bikes than anything else and a healthy...
  9. skyrokz

    Fat tire pressure

    Going to take my fatboy Out for its first ride tomorrow, what's a good tire pressure to start with? I'm close to 200#, rigid fork with specialized ground control tires set up tubeless.
  10. skyrokz

    Christmas eve day ride, Lewis Morris

    December 24th at 10am, @jumpa and my self will be doing a casual paced ride at Lewis morris, anyone and everyone are welcome to join us, it's always nice to build up some hunger before a feast and if you are not celebrating Christmas it's a great opportunity to make good use of your day off :)
  11. skyrokz

    Finally got fat!

    Bit the bullet on a deal I couldn't pass up and got my self a fatboy :) stable is growing strong, with the only problem being that sooner than later I will have to part ways with my big screen TV in the living room to store all these damn bikes! Struggle is real
  12. skyrokz

    Yet another trend in mountain biking...

    Man, these people are out they damn mind... kinda shocked I never came across unicycle mountain biking but there are thousands of videos on youtube, even racing
  13. skyrokz

    Ibis mojo HDR plus conversion project

    Since my specialized enduro conversion being so great I have decided to start on a new winter project. I will be converting my ibis to accept plus size tires, this will involve cutting up the rear triangle and custom making extensions from carbon, widening the rear end to accept the new 148...
  14. skyrokz

    Pike fork/27.5 stans flow wheelset, XT groupset

  15. skyrokz

    Mtb tools-EBAY store!

    The link below is to an eBay store, the guy mills a lot of cool bits and pieces that will help you retrofit your old stuff to comply with new or different standards that come along with the purchase of a new ride... he has kits that will convert axles, he even has a kit of spacers that will...
  16. skyrokz

    Sat Oct 17th, LewMo TM/ride/BBQ

    Jorbafest was a swift reminder of how great it is to do grouprides coupled with food, fellow MTBers and in order to keep this going until people start winterizing their bikes and waxing up their snowboards I want to do another group ride and bbq following trail maintenance at lewis morris this...
  17. skyrokz

    Chain clearance issue on 27.5 plus

    So I got my new oval chainring direct mounted to my xx1 cranks and it turns out that the chainring is dished away from the crank vs the original spider was few mm away from the frame, usually it wouldn't make a big difference but with the 3" tires on there the chain now makes contact with the...
  18. skyrokz

    27.5 plus specialized enduro 29er conversion

    So today I finally picked up my specialized enduro 27.5 plus conversion from @jimvreeland, he did an awesome job setting everything up for me. Short breaknown of items purchased/needed for conversion; -27.5 wheelset with 32mm inner width 38mm outer (any width over 25mm should be sufficient...
  19. skyrokz

    Plus size tires... availability?

    Anyone know when any of the new plus size tires are going to hit the shelves? (Maxxis/shwalbe) Wtb trailblazers 2.8 are available but are really small around 2.6 in actual size Wtb also came out with the bridger 3.0, (I have a set coming in next week to test) Specialized is out with their...
  20. skyrokz

    outerbike fall 2015 Wondering if anyone is going? Looks like an amazing event, demo bikes from all the top brands, shuttles to the trails, free lunch, beer and a Saturday night party. Strongly considering attending this event, what's better than demoing all different...
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