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  1. Scotty_D

    Thinking about buying this santa cruz 5010.

    Local bike shop is unloading a 2019 demo carbon r+ 5010 in my size for 3k. I would be the original owner and get the frame warranty. This seems to be the perfect bike for me as I want a relatively playful bike I can ride anywhere in NJ. What do you guys think? is 1k off (25%) a good deal...
  2. Scotty_D

    Back to biking. First Time forum(er)

    My Names Scott, I'm 26, I mountain biked alot as a child and am getting back into it (back on the bike maybe 2 months now). I ran into @pooriggy at chimney rock yesterday and he told me about the community. I mostly ride by myself but I figured I'd get on here to give group rides a shot and...
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