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  1. stb222

    What's in the Bag: Trail Ride Edition

    There have been a bunch of threads discussing what to carry on longer rides, but what about the 1-3 hours range? This is likely the length of ride the majoirty of us do most often. Over the years, I have carried less and less and my average ride is 2 hours. I carry a tube, CO2, tire lever...
  2. stb222

    Killington Bike Park Best of

    Headed to killington this week and want some recommendations. Any info would help just looking for the top 3. My son is capable of the blue jumps at creek and can clear some of the ones on tempest @Ryan.P @UtahJoe @Norm @whateverthehellBillsnameis blue flow 1. 2. 3. black flow 1. 2. 3. blue...
  3. stb222

    SOLD - Rock Shox Reverb Stealth 31.6 125 travel

    31.6, 125 travel, line is approximately 480mm long. Matchmaker lever. Uses for a season and a half, had 100 hour service from Halters about 50 hours ago. Hydraulic line was removed once so may need a bleed. one very small scratch on slider that barely catches a finger nail. $75 plus shipping.
  4. stb222

    Fit4 Compared to Grip2

    Have ridden Fit4 for the last number of years and was wondering if anyone has moved to Grip2. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  5. stb222

    Snow Day Thread#1: Is Google not Available to Everyone?

    Why there are many valuable opinions available on mtbnj for things like tire selection, component preference, home remodeling problems., etc, we often see questions that seem easy to get the answer from google. Since we don't really know what people have access to, I have often wondered: Is...
  6. stb222

    BIYF Winter 2020-2021: Go Zwift or Go Home!!!!

    Base in your face 2020-2021 Base in your face (BIYF) is a winter riding competition to help keep you motivated to ride over the winter. Base riding, long slow hours to help build your endurance base, has a number of training benefits that have nothing to do with this competition, other than the...
  7. stb222

    Wanted: 2 x 10 or 11 compact crank 50/34 24 mm spindle

    Let me know what you have, any brand. Thanks!
  8. stb222

    Wanted: 10 or 11 speed road shifters

    Shimano, please let me know what you have!
  9. stb222

    The Social Distancing in Isolation Contest & Never-ending Peter Pan Positivity Parlay

    Starting tomorrow, I am hosting the official MTBNJ My Corona Social Distancing in Isolation Contest with the goal of providing some distraction and entertainment during these trying times. Here at the details: Each day, while observing social distancing, you will get a point for doing an...
  10. stb222

    The Annual LOOK What I did in 2019 and the DECADE

    Annuals thread 2019: 633 hours 8,698 miles Activities: 440 roughly half on mtb estimating 60 hours of TM at Baldpate, Core Creek, Six Mile 2010-2019 5,147 Hours 86,313 mile Basically got the milestone stage of my cycling life out of my system Post yours up!
  11. stb222

    The Ring or Some Other Video Thing

    My wife has wanted the ring doorbell for awhile now and I am thinking of getting one. So for those who have it, likes, dislikes? I am basically trying to decide on this or just a WiFi camera Ultimately the goal is to be able to view/record as a security camera.
  12. stb222

    11 spd 11-42 or 46 cassette, shimano body

    As per title, what do you have?
  13. stb222

    WTB Sram XD 11 spd MTB Cassette

    Looking for a lightly used 11 spd mtb cassette compatible with an XD driver. Whatca got?
  14. stb222

    The Actual Moment Gravel Bikes Jumped the Shark

    So really, what is this bike for?
  15. stb222

    Baldpate Challenege

    This week, @capedoc took this picture at Baldpate and the following morning I mimicked it, the following day Cody from Halters did and today @Mountain Bike Mike did and BOOM, the Baldpate challenge is born. This spot is at (or near) the highest point in Mercer County at ~480'. Coincidentally...
  16. stb222

    DT Swiss P 1800 23 Rear Wheel - PRICE REDUCTION

    DT Swiss P 1800 23 Spline rear wheel 700c $100 (~$300 is the retail) with shimano HG freehub body, 9mm quick release. I rode this wheel from new for a few hundred miles and had a warranty issue with the freehub. Hence, the freehub body/bearings are brand new and have not been used. Round and...
  17. stb222

    Large Footed MTB Shoes

    Shimano Current Model AM701 SPD SOLD Size 48. Shimano shoes run small and the 47 felt a wee bit tight. I wear vans in 11.5 and these fit well with maybe alittle too much in the toe. Ridden approximately 40 hours. Excellent condition. Medium used SPD cleats included. Specialized 2FO (Flat...
  18. stb222

    Bell Sixer Helmet, Fast House Model: Size Medium

    Lightly used, maybe for 20-30 hours, Bell Sixer Fast House Limited Edition, Size Medium. Multi position visor, goggle grips in the back, MIPS, good styling. Olive green and black. $50, pick up in Hamilton or Yardley or can ship for less than $10.
  19. stb222

    **The Official Fred-ish Thread**

    Based off of the OOS fred thread last week, this thread is to post your best pictures of Fred’s seen in the wild: When you go to a pro gravel race, ride a mtb and dismount for a log @jimvreeland: When you choose to wear a mirror:
  20. stb222

    OOS Thread Recap

    @Paul H @qclabrat @Mathers @Patrick @Road Bike Mike @Mtbdog @Victor I @OOS @Miracle Max Loves Garbage
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