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  1. BiknBen

    Cannondale CAAD 9 CX bike, 50cm, $400

    This is a C'Dale CAAD 9 CX bike for sale. It is a 50cm Aluminum frame with a carbon fork. Ultegra drivetrain, Hollowgram BB30 cranks, Mavic wheels, and TRP Mini-V brakes. It has been ridden by my kids and wife. A Junior State Championship was won on this bike by my daughter. Check the geometry...
  2. BiknBen

    GT Aggressor, Medium, $100

    Who wants a well-kept quality bike for a first-timer or kid? Hydro brakes make this a great starter bike. 27.5 wheels on a medium men's frame. Looking for a rider in the 5'5" to 5'11" range. My son has outgrown this and moved on. It is collecting dust. It wasn't used much. Get it for $100 in 08515.
  3. BiknBen

    2015 Cannondale Jekyll Carbon Team, Large, $2,400

    I'm unloading my 2015 Jekyll Carbon Team. It is used. It has been taken care of. It has plenty of miles left in it. 27.5" wheels, 160 travel Lefty Max fork. Fox DYAD shock goes from 160 to 95 travel with the flick of a lever on the bars. SRAM XX1 11-speed setup with an upgraded direct-mount...
  4. BiknBen

    Big feet/flat pedals?

    Frank taught me everything I know.
  5. BiknBen

    skills camps

    Hey, all. I heard from 3 of you via email. I'll respond with logistics this evening.
  6. BiknBen

    Moab - rental/tour suggestions

    If looking for a guiding service, I highly recommend Maggie and Mike of Mike is another of the IMBA Instructor Trainers and his entire staff of guides go through the IMBA guiding and skills program. They are also all authentic locals that provide a...
  7. BiknBen

    skills camps

    2:30pm works for me.
  8. BiknBen

    skills camps

    That works with me. It's time for each of you to email me so I have some contact info. Send a little about yourselves to
  9. BiknBen

    skills camps

    Hey, fellas. I'm booked solid on Weekends until July. A Friday option would open things up significantly. Fri, May 5th Fri, June 2nd Fri, June 30th Learning is done in a grass field. We can include a ride and hunt for challenges to session but that is after going over skills. I like the idea...
  10. BiknBen

    skills camps

    A full day of instruction may be a bit much. I would typically suggest less. Maybe doing the 3-hour session and a brief ride hunting for challenges. Fatigue often kicks in during the afternoon. If you have people of similar interests and ability eager for a full-day...I have plenty of coaching...
  11. BiknBen

    Cannondale Scalpel, HiMod, Large

    $300 each. I have three. Hallowgram SI or SISL2 compatible. 175mm.
  12. BiknBen

    Cannondale Scalpel, HiMod, Large

    This bike is sold! Thanks
  13. BiknBen

    Cannondale Scalpel, HiMod, Large

    Nice catch @UtahJoe but the Stages crank is staying with me. Actually, you can buy that separately. I have a few Hallowgram Stages collecting dust! The original crank arm will be on the bike for sale.
  14. BiknBen

    Cannondale Scalpel, HiMod, Large

    I'm unloading my Scalpel. This was originally a Scalpel Ultimate. The frame was replaced under warranty with this Team HiMod. It hasn't been ridden since the frame swap. Size Large XTR Drivetrain including the cassette, Hollowgram cranks with 1x Wolftooth direct-mount NW chainring. Enve carbon...
  15. BiknBen

    Cannondale FatCADD 1, Large

    Next up for sale is my Cannondale FatCADD 1. Aluminum frame, Lefty Olaf 100mm travel fork. Sram 11-speed drivetrain and Guide RS brakes. The bike is a much fun to ride on the tech trails in the summer as it is to ride on snow-covered trails in the winter. I nicknamed it "The Bulldozer". A...
  16. BiknBen

    Cannondale SuperX, Ultegra Di2 11spd, 56cm

    I'm unloading my carbon cross bike. Been raced only occasionally. Used more on the canal towpath. Everything is fine and it is ready to roll for many more years. Full carbon frame and fork. 11-speed Ultegra Di2 drivetrain. Hollowgram cranks. Carbon handlebar and seat post. TRP mini-V brakes...
  17. BiknBen

    2017 gravity season

    Despite the down mood here regarding MC, I bought my season pass today. Time to shred!
  18. BiknBen

    2017 NJ Rando

    Wow! You made me go dig up this dinosaur of a thread from RBR. All the pictures are gone but the text tells a pretty good story. That 600k was a ride that sucked so bad at the time. Now, I'm glad I went through it. But, there is a reason I only did those for three years.
  19. BiknBen

    Dudes, over the top of through the bear trap?

    I remember this life lesson I learned in HS. When wearing an undershirt and tucking...I do as @Santapez . How else can you pull the outer shirt to the correct amount of looseness while leaving the undershirt tucked neatly? If not tucked into underwear, the undershirt comes up and bunches under...
  20. BiknBen

    Dudes, over the top of through the bear trap?

    Just remember, "If you shake it more than are playing with it!"
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