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  1. Arwen's Mom

    Dog lovers thoughts about pet foods

    Some of you may be asking, why does she post this stuff on here? Well considering the vast range of personality types, financial standings, backgrounds and interests, I ask, Why not? So... some of you may remember when I asked about dog foods for my puppy. I tried a few different ones until I...
  2. Arwen's Mom

    Any way to save this tree?

    So this tree just seemed to grow overnight. OK I was negligent in training it away from the house, or removing it when it was smaller. Guess I was too busy riding bikes. This tree shades half our house all day and really helps keep it cooler. Any way to trim the trunk so it doesnt move the...
  3. Arwen's Mom

    Somerset road closing

    I am sure most of ya know, but a friend emailed this to me and I thought I would pass it on
  4. Arwen's Mom

    Trails Dogs

    @jerzey111 thought you would enjoy this, as he mentions yorkies I would also like to hear about your trail dogs I have been thinking of starting a you tube channel and posting vids of my trail pup. think I should? (should this be a poll?)
  5. Arwen's Mom

    Driveway Paving recommendations

    While I like my dirt/gravel/mud (mostly mud) driveway because I am a country girl at heart. and its also a barometer of the possible trail conditions at Allaire and Six Mile, my husband and son are not fond of it. my son has offered to pay to have it paved. husband wants concrete. son says...
  6. Arwen's Mom

    My New Heros???

  7. Arwen's Mom

    computer help

    I know some of you mentioned you really dont like it when people ask for computer help buuuuutt..... I had an old windows 7 laptop that is close to 10 yrs old and when you turn it on it makes loud grinding noises. Son and Hubby said to back up files and get a new laptop. Backed files. Cant...
  8. Arwen's Mom

    Do you like Six Mile?

    I know I do. How about other trails in NJ? Like them? I do too. Winter is upon us. And NJ winter is unpredictable. I remember winters with tons of snow and others I was wearing t-shirts and sometimes those were within days of each other. Please lets be considerate of trail conditions at ALL...
  9. Arwen's Mom

    Bikes cause erosion???

    Had a conversation today with someone who went through forestry training and some other environmental type classes (cant remember exactly) but he said that bikes should be outlawed from trails because they cause erosion. He said the Environmental Protection Agency has loads of data proving that...
  10. Arwen's Mom

    help a tree fell on my garage

    No one is hurt, No humans cats puppies or bikes were harmed Not sure about the garage, well, because theres a tree on it. Anyone here do tree removal? Or know of a service that wont rip me off? Stupid questions: Do we contact home owners insurance first? We arent really sure if the tree belongs...
  11. Arwen's Mom


    While hiking at Lewis Morris we lost a pair of sunglasses. Black rims, blue lens, they say fishgilz on the side. The Hubby would like them back, unless you really NEED them, then he says you can keep them.
  12. Arwen's Mom

    another cyclist hit I knew the man who died. Nice fella. totally sucks.
  13. Arwen's Mom

    Attention Dog Lovers

    A dog I know needs help (its not my dog). Someone I know has a 3 yr old male pitbull. He has been neutered but was snipped at about 2 or 2 1/2 yrs old. He has started getting aggressive and has "gone after" the woman of the house twice. She has 2 young kids in the home, but so far he has shown...
  14. Arwen's Mom

    Craftsman cultivator/edger

    Craftsman cultivator/edger I used to call these things rototillers 4 cycle model 316.29270 make an offer. no I will not set it on fire.
  15. Arwen's Mom

    wanted: bike trailer

    cargo type or the kind you put kids in. prefer seatpost mount but will look at whatever ya got. If its the kids type one, might just want to borrow it a couple times (rent?) cargo type will buy as I am hoping to convince The Hubby to do some bike trips.
  16. Arwen's Mom


    27" panasonic. It works. Hubby says to throw it away. I hate just throwing things away. Hubby says its old. I said "so are you but I dont throw you away" How about $25 because it works, shouldnt just end up in a landfill, and dog toys cost money make an offer.
  17. Arwen's Mom

    Monitor, Art, Car, Books, C-clamps

    My son is cleaning out his room: Dell computer monitor not sure how these things are sized, but its about 14" across. no power cord but I do have the cord to connect to computer $20 "Bobcats" print by Gary Keimig print is numbered and signed by the artist 22x27 $45 Pink Ford Fairlane...
  18. Arwen's Mom

    Doggie trailer?

    This is such a silly idea even I wanna make fun of me. But I can be sorta...indulgent...where my pets are concerned. So... Doggie trailer? But one that can be used...oh here it comes... on trails. You know just until she gets big enough to run. All the dog trailers I looked at were 2 wheels...
  19. Arwen's Mom

    Congratulations it's a puppy!

    If all goes as plans with the shelter vet this week, I will be picking up a puppy Friday. Already put a deposit on her :) It has been a while since I have owned a dog and the amount of dog food available now is almost overwhelming. I approve of raw meat diets, but not sure if I am gonna go...
  20. Arwen's Mom

    Found the perfect bike...

    ...that combines my 2 loves
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