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  1. mattybfat

    Frame shipping

    Bought a frame from over the edge bike shop in hurricane. They left it to me to have it shipped. Bike flights or Ship bikes or are there other shipping companys I'm not aware of? Right now with the 2 I posted it's $100 Thanks
  2. mattybfat

    Knee pads 2021

    I went searching in the fourm and this subject is all over the place. After my event this morning seen here Shamless plug but I figure to keep some skin in the future. I have plenty of hard shell DH park stuff but...
  3. mattybfat

    Does anyone know this guy

  4. mattybfat

    Great New App

    Pastimes Get on if your an outdoor enthusiasts and find other peeps or events going on.
  5. mattybfat

    Local makes parts!!!

    Our very own @icolquhoun just landed on bike radar. This is the very same Ian who is semi regular on fight club rides. I have been following his progress on Instagram and texts. Looks like he is heading into the big leagues. From my understanding Ian teaches engineering and does this part time...
  6. mattybfat

    RIP TooTall (Mike Bell)

    I remember him well, extremely smooth moto rider. Kicker how he passed.
  7. mattybfat

    Ibis today brings Ripley AF

    I had a feeling this was going down with the successful launch of the Ripmo AF last year.
  8. mattybfat

    Garbaruk 10-50 XD NIB

    I can play also in this fight. I have new never mounted Garbaruk XD 10-50 Lighter then XX1 and Prettier Better yet cheaper. I paid $315 now list on site for $261 First $250 takes it Only reason I am dealing is I just bought 2 more microshift advent x groupsets. Officially out of the 12 spd...
  9. mattybfat

    I have all day to burn

    This Saturday I have the whole day to burn. I want some place new to me. Where we riding. Yes this means I would want others who have bike will travel. Don't bother if you got wife time restraints, dinner plans or got to walk the dog. Places of interest PA (scranton area)or NY (hunter area.)...
  10. mattybfat

    This girl is amazing

  11. mattybfat

    2017 Trek Farley

    Yes its posted elsewhere for more Its a large $1800
  12. mattybfat

    Free frame with issue

    no need to hang on to this anymore Its a misfit steel frame large. It is cracked at the driveside chainstay. It can be repaired. I had plans to take it down to as they said no problem on the fix. If your not in a hurry it can be sent back to Hugh Black at True North...
  13. mattybfat

    Microshift Advent X

    I took a shot because I got tired of the constant fiddling of the eagle. This is on Pattys bike so she will be my Guinea pig. With a wide range 10 just seems right in my thinking. Honestly I would even have gone with their 9spd wide range if it was on my bike. Eagle just seemed like too much. I...
  14. mattybfat

    2" reciever for XJ Cherokee

    just taking a shot if someone has clunker or knows of one before I purchase one. Thanks
  15. mattybfat

    1992 civic EG hatch

    As my father did i am selling this from under my sons eyes :) car is fast and fun but needs more love then my son can put into it. Much mods.
  16. mattybfat

    Lost :( in North

    my lyenze mini floor pump went missing on my ride today. haven't a clue but here was my route. If found beer wine or bucket of chicken or all 3 is on me.
  17. mattybfat

    Should i be concerned

    of course I know the answer, I have been having a terrible creaking for quite some time. Figured might as well check it out and this is about the only thing a could see. Looks like the beginning to a beautiful ending to a long relationship with my niner fork. Of course I just sold my other...
  18. mattybfat

    30/32 t 6mm dish sram chainring

    as the title says before I order. Round or oval.
  19. mattybfat

    Saddle squeak

    I seem to have incredibly annoying rail squeak. Cant torque any more. WTB saddle to a KS dropper. Anyone else have this issue. Its definitely saddle because only when seated. Its driving me bonkers.
  20. mattybfat

    (Wanted) Bsa Dub BB

    Making use of the eagle NX from my new bike. Throwing it out here first in case someone has a take off or something before I purchase new.
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