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    Wanted- 26 inch tires (non-black)

    Hi all, I am looking to bring my 1996 Gary Fisher Big Sur back to life... it originally had sweet Cream colored tires. I want to get as close to that as I can: white, cream, gum, or tanwall. Thanks! Tim
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    Looking for 100 MM fork

    I am looking for 100mm front fork with rebound and lockout as an upgrade on my son's bike. If anyone has a used one they are looking to get rid of, please do let me know. Tapered, 27.5 wheels
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    Upgrade drivetrain Specialized Pitch 27.5

    My son rides a Specialized Pitch 27.5... perfect bike for a 7th grader who rides hard...outside of the Tourney drive train. He is always dropping/slipping gears and it gets to the point that is it a bit dangerous on the trail. Checking with those more mechanically inclined to see if this is a...
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