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    If anyone's looking for a FS for their kid...

    Just thought I'd share this. I didn't think I would be able to get one this year for my kid but this place has (4) Marin Rift Zone 26 left. There were 6 when I purchased it. Just in time for pre-Christmas shopping. :)...
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    Can you have fun at Mountain Creek if you can't jump well?

    I was thinking of going but what is the minimum skill you would need say on the green trails to have a good time. I've been riding less than a year and mostly doing the trails around Morris County (lots of climbing and lots of sketchy descents lol). I'm not very good at jumping. To give you an...
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    Is there an app that give you directions?

    So I've used Strava, and have seen Trailforks and maybe I'm just not using them correctly but are there apps that will give you realtime directions as you ride? So far with these apps I see it tells me where I've been. I also do see it gives me a loop's route from top view but was wondering if...
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    Any good areas to learn to jump?

    I've been riding since Covid started and love it. I want to start practicing jumps but on something like a smaller table top. Anyone have any recommended spot that has something like this? I'm in the Morris County area but I drive all over the place. Thanks!
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