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  1. Eickelbt

    FS: Thule T2 Pro Xt 2" 2 bike rack, Saris Bones 2, Park tool Stand, two bike travel cases

    I'll listen to reasonable offers from anyone. I'd meet in northern NJ or in NY/CT if the price is right. prices are net to me- cash or venmo is best, fees and shipping are on you. I'm not shipping the thule T2, it's 50 pounds and huge. Thule T2 Pro Xt 2" 2 bike bike rack. great shape, light...
  2. Eickelbt

    2020 NJ MTB Race Schedule

    @DanBrodeen will glen park have another august xc race?
  3. Eickelbt

    Beerie, I mean Erie MTB festival October 19. Who’s in?

    I'm in, hoping summer fitness gets me through. Looks like a great way to check out those trails. HT or full suspension?
  4. Eickelbt

    2019 Bear Scat 50

    I'm in, with a buddy, for the 50. Looks like a fun course. Have things been muddy?
  5. Eickelbt

    2017 Matte Black Trek Procaliber 9.8SL- 21.5in- $2200 OBO

    To the top with this. Still for sale, let's make a deal, I want to pay off my car loan early.
  6. Eickelbt

    Glen Park Singletrack Shakedown XC 7/27/19

    Big plug for this event. Great experience, cool trails, great atmosphere. Hopefully it stays on the calendar- I'll definitely be back next year. Lots of opportunities to see people on course. Also, awards took place quite soon after the races finished, which is certainly a positive. My feeling...
  7. Eickelbt

    Wilderness 101...who's in?

    Yeah, I was chasing that guy in orange, he ended up out sprinting me. Hope the shoulder is ok!
  8. Eickelbt

    Wilderness 101...who's in?

    I rode it in 9:20, including a 3.5ish mile detour after missing a turn at about 50mi. Things got pretty dark at 60ish miles, but coke was a miracle at aid 4, and I glt my head back on straight. Hydration was obviously important- started w two bottles and a camelbak, and was almost empty by aid 2...
  9. Eickelbt

    2017 Matte Black Trek Procaliber 9.8SL- 21.5in- $2200 OBO

    Excellent condition, mechanic owned and maintained. Fork was serviced 3hrs of riding ago, new bottom bracket, headset was just cleaned and regreased. Bike was mostly used for gravel riding and training, and rarely raced. Original spec sheet here. I am about 6 feet tall, and this bike fits me...
  10. Eickelbt

    Wilderness 101...who's in?

    I'm in. Should be really cool. I think I'm heading down there from central NY, but not 100 percent sure, I might be passing through NJ. I planned on car camping it- I have a minivan- but could bring a tent and keep a spot open on the rack if anyone needed to carpool.
  11. Eickelbt

    Poison Ivy Mousetrap

    Awesome time. Cant seem to find cat 1 results- are they lurking somewhere?
  12. Eickelbt

    Ringwood Rumble

    Solid day for sure. Loved the course, thanks to everyone who put their time in- the trails held up really well, and it was very well marked!
  13. Eickelbt

    2019 MTBNJ Events

    Is this thing a go on Sunday right now? Any weather situations? I'm in the hudson valley and it's not that clear here on the ground so I figured I'd ask.
  14. Eickelbt

    Hardtail XC vs CX vs whatever other N+1 bike

    This. Flat bar, fast tires for road stuff (compass 35s or 38s i was thinking) and still raceable off road. Cool! Steep gearing for SS it looks like, good on you- legs feed the wolf
  15. Eickelbt

    Hardtail XC vs CX vs whatever other N+1 bike

    I live quite near mohonk preserve/black rock preserve/awosting reserve in NY (originally from Leonia, NJ, so I feel like I can post here, if not, i'm sorry) where there are about 100mi of true gravel and dirt roads. however, I race the MTB pretty often, and a backup is never the worst thing to...
  16. Eickelbt

    Hardtail XC vs CX vs whatever other N+1 bike

    Lots of truth to this. Thanks for the input, i'll revive this if I end up doing something along these lines, otherwise, happy trails!
  17. Eickelbt

    Hardtail XC vs CX vs whatever other N+1 bike

    fair. this is sort of what I was thinking. I refuse to own more than 3 bikes, and getting a raceable MTB/gravel/roadable bike seems cool. still, I might just get another set of MTB wheels and race the epic on gravel/ride fat slicks on the road if the need arises. saves money for more suspension...
  18. Eickelbt

    Hardtail XC vs CX vs whatever other N+1 bike

    has anyone raced or ridden a setup like this?
  19. Eickelbt

    Hardtail XC vs CX vs whatever other N+1 bike

    Maybe this has already been discussed, but looking at Geo numbers, gravel suspension, flared bars, 650b wheels, etc- isnt' a hardtail XC mtb with like 35-40mm gravel tires and a 38t chainring the best of all worlds for gravel/allroad/buzzword/overland? marketing BS aside, does anyone have any...
  20. Eickelbt

    Bearscat moves to Sept.

    thanks man!
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