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    So who else wants to go back to a hardtail?

    Been riding a Trail429 for over a year now. Sold my 2015 SIR9 back in March before anything bad happened to the frame. And all I want now is to dump the full susp and go back to a hardtail. The full susp does have many pluses but I really just want a simpler way of life again.
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    Carver Gnarvestet. Who rides one? Thinking I may look into building one. An HT I could run SS and geared. I was just up in Maine and silly me did not stop to meet them when I was in Bath, Maine.
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    Please check my chain length

    I am setting up my so s 24” bike for 1x11. Shifting is good. But do you link I should remove one more link?
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    Brakes part 2.

    So I bled the stock SRAM Guide RSC brakes on Friday night. Lever is very nice now. But long downhills I get a lot of brake fade. What rotors and pads do you all recommend?
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    Magura MT7 Raceline or Shimano XT M8120? 2020 Pivot Trail 429 is what they are going on. I used Magura brakes around 2000 for a bit. Then switched to Shimano XT.
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    Bike dilemmas.....

    So I want new bike for next year to do some racing. I have talked to several shops and all have said order now for next year. But what to order.... I was a singlespeed guy for the last 10 years. Last year I picked up a Pivot Trail 429. Gears and rear suspension feels great on my body. But I...
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    2.35” vs 2.6”

    Bike is a Pivot Trail 429 Presently has 2.35” front and back. Was thinking g about trying out some 29 x 2.6” Schwalbe Nobby Nick’s, the new compound. What do you prefer and why?
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    Let’s talk dropper posts

    Presently have a Fox Transfer Factory dropper post, hydraulic. It is very sluggish in this cold weather. Sometimes it barely moves. I keep the shaft clean and lubed. Wifes bike has a Race Face Aeffect, air, that works all the time, well when the right air pressure is in it. So I am thinking...
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    28h vs 32h???

    28h vs 32h??? So I have a Pivot Trail 429. Trying to decide what to do about a wheelset. I have a set of Enve 630 in 28h that came off another bike. Plan was to possible have these built up on a 157 hub to fit the Pivot. But now I am contemplating the 28h. I use the bike mainly as a cross...
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    So I sold my one bike but pulled the wheelset off to sell. So now I have a wheelset that does not fit anything I own. Wheelset is DT 240’ 100 front and 142 rear mated to Enve 630 30mm rims. So now for the options. Option 1 is sell and start over for a wheelset for my Pivot Trail 429. Or option...
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    Allamuchy parking jackwagon

    Just so we know, you are not allowed to drive your car to Deer Park lake, over the bridge, and park your BMW X3 in a trail. This jackwagon backed his car into the trail head to park his car. I was out with a few NICA riders when we found this vehicle. In order to get onto the trail we had to...
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    Up for sale is a 20” Trek Precaliber. Bike is in very good condition, shifting and braking are excellent. Brake levers have been upgraded, but a bit of a long reach. Shifters have been upgraded to trigger shift with a 7 speed free hub. Asking $125 bike is located in Oxford (Warren County)...
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    Up for sale are (2) girls Trek Precaliber. Bikes have 2 upgrades to them; brake levers and trigger shifters. Bikes have been well maintained. They are both in very good condition, shifting and braking are excellent. $125 a piece. Bikes are located in Oxford (Warren County) (07863) call or...
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    Youth knee pads

    Well my 7 y/o is really becoming the daredevil. He practices everyday in the backyard on the skinnies and the jumps. But he is banging his knees up pretty good daily. Need a recommendation on knee pads for kids. Thank you
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    WMA’s and Turkey hunters

    In a thread I posted that turkey season starts today, I was incorrect. Turkey season starts April 18th and runs till May 22. Up until May 9th turkey hunting is legal till 12noon each day, no Sunday hunting. On May 11th till May 22nd turkey hunting is allowed all day, with no Sunday hunting...
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    Gravel bike regear prep questions.

    So my 2019 Trek Crockett 5 (stock) is seeing pretty much all of my road riding these days, road bike will be going up for sale very soon. At present bike is set up SRAM 1x11 (40t x 11-36). Initially I am looking at adding a double front, 46/36t or 50/34t. Or I am thinking 1x12 but my searches...
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    Chain lube????

    Chain lube, what are you using for your mtb?
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