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  1. theranch

    Need some help! I'm trying to get my video into the Adventure Film festival!

    I'm trying to win a spot in the @AdventureFilm 2018 Film Festival on @Outside_TV ! My short, The Silver Lining, is about losing my wife to cancer and how the mtb community stepped up in support! Please watch & share! #cancersucks...
  2. theranch

    Windham Bike Park

    I got up to Windham Bike Park for the day on Friday. If you haven't been, the trails are pretty nice and well built! If you like to hit table-top jumps, their jumpline trail will give you plenty! I counted 42 jumps in the sections that I rode. They had a lower portion of trail closed for...
  3. theranch

    East Coast Enduros

    If you are looking for a list of east coast enduro races, please visit:
  4. theranch

    Update Trail Directory

    Can you replace or update the Trail Directory, linked in the main horizontal link under the logo? It's outdated. I would suggest embedding That is a living page that is constantly updated with fresh content.
  5. theranch

    Port Trail Maps

    Here is a link to trail maps for all of the Port Republic trails. We're still working on marking.
  6. theranch

    Recent TM

    A week ago the Atlantic county JORBA crew got into several of the bushy trails with a 10 person crew to clip and rake.
  7. theranch

    Mill Pond at Port Republic Trail Conditions

    The Mill Pond Trails are mostly clear, there are a few sections that need clipping and there is a pine tree down. The Bog Trails are clear on the north side of the Bog. The south side needs work. We cleared Barbed Wire and the Feeder trails...
  8. theranch

    NJ State Police search for missing man last seen in Philadelphia

    Anyone ride in or near the Green Bank State park? A son of a guy I know from Philly is missing, his car was found at this park. -Gerry
  9. theranch

    Stockton University Trails

    For anyone looking for a new place to ride, we're scratching out more and more trail at Stockton University. What appeals to us the most is the vast amount of wooded property, No hunting and no atvs or motos ripping up the trails!
  10. theranch

    New Trails

    Update on trails in Port Republic: Bog Trails: Mill Pond Trails:
  11. theranch

    Port Republic Trails

    We presented to Port Republic City Council in the spring to allow us to create a network of trails in three Green Acres properties. The plan was unanimously approved. We've since had a resolution put on the books and have started work. We estimate that we could wind up with 18 miles of trail...
  12. theranch

    2015 Hunting Dates

    Just an FYI... Estell Manor Hunt dates are Dec. 7th-12th and Dec. 16th-18th. On these days the park will have barricades and orange snow fence closing off the North End for daily usage to give a safety area for the deer season.
  13. theranch

    The new Trail Forks App! just recently released a new app that is pretty nice!
  14. theranch

    Thursday ride - looking for a guide

    Is anyone available for a ride on Thurs eve July 23rd. around 5pm? My buddy Brice Shirbach from Pink Bike will be in the area and he wanted to get in a ride with someone that knows the trails. We'll both be riding there on Sat as well. Thanks! -Gerry
  15. theranch

    2014 Hunting Season

    I just wanted to pass along the 2014 hunting dates for this park. It is very limited so please take note of the dates and stay out of the hunters way during these times. Dec. 8-13 six day fire arm. Dec. 17-19 shotgun
  16. theranch

    Hunting Season

    Hunting takes place in the Seaview property from Oct. 25th to Jan 31 for 2014/2015. From 30min before Dawn to 30min after dusk Mon-Sat. No hunting on Sundays. Hunting is by permit only so there is only a handful of hunters permitted to use the property every year. There are night rides...
  17. theranch

    Trail map

    If you ever want to ride at Seaview, I update the Google Map for the property. The trails shown on this map are somewhat accurate.,-74.4752927,16z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x34dbc1b9649240a1
  18. theranch

    East Coast Enduros

    For any of you interested in trying enduro racing, I have quite a few events posted and more on the way.
  19. theranch

    Project update

    We're in negotiations with the county with regards to a maintenance agreement. All of the important people are looking over the document to make sure it looks good. We are hoping to be cutting new trail this winter when hunting season is done.
  20. theranch

    Project update

    I just wanted post up an update on this project. I along with Ken Seebeck and Kevin Akeret met with the Atlantic County Freeholder attorneys in July to discuss the project and creating a maintenance agreement between the County and Galloway Twp. They are currently working on that and ironing out...
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