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  1. TommyF

    Group Ride Jungle Saturday 7/24

    Would love a good tour of this place, only been there 2x but unfortunately already have plans for this Saturday.
  2. TommyF

    Brake squeal help.

    @Karate Monkey - Excellent advise !!! Update on todays ride. I sanded and cleaned them up at lunch time then went on the Cycle Craft Tourne ride after work. They were nice and quiet for that ride. Lets see how they behave after a few more rides. Fingers crossed.....
  3. TommyF

    Brake squeal help.

    @ebarker9 - That's where I'm at as of now. Interesting part is I had purchased 2 sets, same supplier, the rear is silent and bites hard, the front however is a screamer !!!!
  4. TommyF

    Brake squeal help.

    No bleeding was done, the blowtorch might be my next step.
  5. TommyF

    Brake squeal help.

    Original rotors on the bike and the pads I took out (same went back in) never made any nose.
  6. TommyF

    Brake squeal help.

    I replaced the pads in my XTR brakes, put in what I took out which were J04C Shimano metal pads. Cleaned up everything with isopropyl alcohol, including a wipe down of the rotor and pads. Did a little bedding in and off to the trails. They were fine for the first 1 or 2 rides, since then...
  7. TommyF

    Bridge Build - Wildcat WMA - Splitrock Loop South

    Was hiking up that trail yesterday with a buddy and saw the new bridge. Nice work guys !!!!!
  8. TommyF


    Was riding up from the gravel lot yesterday with a buddy and we both smelled cucumber right about where the large tree sits across the trail. We both thought, that was odd, cucumber growing in the woods?? Fast forward to today and a co-worker, whose boyfriend is a certified snake handler...
  9. TommyF

    Anybody want to ride Stephens at 9am tomorrow?

    Need to get out for a nice ride before the weather turns. I should be parked at Kinny road by 9 ish. Anybody want to ride??
  10. TommyF

    Car-spotting thread

    Nope, don't think it got the best reviews as far as performance goes.
  11. TommyF

    Tourne Park - Sat July 3rd 7:30AM

    The park is open, I rode it on Wednesday. Would be interested in riding with you, but we're expecting more rain this evening, tonight and again tomorrow, so riding would all depend on conditions.
  12. TommyF

    Car-spotting thread

    EV Mustang, I've seen a few of them on the road.
  13. TommyF

    Pivot Switchblade XL for sale - SOLD

    Great price on a great bike GLWS !!!
  14. TommyF

    NEW, unused Lazer Coyote MIPS helmet - Medium

    Interested - Might fit my head, I'm in Rockaway, where might you be riding this weekend?
  15. TommyF

    Warning : Tourne is closed for bear hunting

    Rats - Guess the Tuesday ride is off. Anyone down for a ride at Dickerson Mine at 6?
  16. TommyF

    Dickerson Mine Preserve Conditions

    The rock I'm talking about is directly in the path of the trail, to the right of the gate going in. It was never there before and is directly in the trail path blocking the entrance way to the right of the gate. Easy enough to ride over going in, but could be an issue if somebody is bombing...
  17. TommyF

    Dickerson Mine Preserve Conditions

    Great ride yesterday afternoon, however there's a big rock right at the entrance by the gravel lot. Not sure who put it there, but if you're coming down the fire road at a fast pace, that rock is dangerous. If it was put there to deter moto's they will ride right over it as we did entering...
  18. TommyF

    Stephens State Park Conditions

    Great riding today, thanks to a fellow rider for letting my try on the Oakley Prizm lens.
  19. TommyF

    Try this.... “Florida man... + Birth date” google search result
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