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  1. TommyF

    Brake squeal help.

    I replaced the pads in my XTR brakes, put in what I took out which were J04C Shimano metal pads. Cleaned up everything with isopropyl alcohol, including a wipe down of the rotor and pads. Did a little bedding in and off to the trails. They were fine for the first 1 or 2 rides, since then...
  2. TommyF


    Was riding up from the gravel lot yesterday with a buddy and we both smelled cucumber right about where the large tree sits across the trail. We both thought, that was odd, cucumber growing in the woods?? Fast forward to today and a co-worker, whose boyfriend is a certified snake handler...
  3. TommyF

    Anybody want to ride Stephens at 9am tomorrow?

    Need to get out for a nice ride before the weather turns. I should be parked at Kinny road by 9 ish. Anybody want to ride??
  4. TommyF

    Fanny Packs, Backpacks, Tools & Food

    Curious as to what others are using to carry essentials in and out of the trails? I'm good with a bottle cage on the bike for a beverage, but what about tools and snacks? I don't have a spot to put a bag on my bike so I'm interested in something to wear that's not to bulky.
  5. TommyF

    Specialized Eliminator Black Diamond 29 x 2.8

    Tire only has maybe 20 miles on it - $50 takes it, located in Boonton Township / Rockaway.
  6. TommyF

    Found - Close thread

    Looking for a descent hitch mount bike rack if anybody has one they no longer need. Thanks !!
  7. TommyF

    Polygon Bikes??

    Anybody here riding one or know somebody who might own one? Their price point is fantastic with the components they offer. Any info would be appreciated.
  8. TommyF

    Tires ????

    Just picked up the Specialized Eliminator Black Diamond and Butcher Black Diamond for the new bike. FYI - They are currently on sale!!
  9. TommyF

    New here from Boonton

    Hey guys, not exactly new to the sport but rather back into it for the exercise and excitement since gyms are closed. I'm riding an old yet very reliable Gary Fisher Level Betty. Wildcat Ridge is in my back yard, often hit the Tourne after work and starting to explore other areas around me as...
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