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  1. w_b

    Things that make you smile :)

    Rail biking the Seashore Line in Cape May!
  2. w_b

    What makes a good downhill race announcer?

    Lars is the man.
  3. w_b

    NY Yankees Tickets

    I too throw my potential wallet on the coffee table for future baseball tomfoolery.
  4. w_b

    Surly Cross Check 54cm "Cyclist's Cruiser" $650

    O Snap, now we movin bikes...
  5. w_b

    Things that make you smile :)

    Literally lol local legend with 2 attempts. JimV be KOM, he smoooth. Me chunky.
  6. w_b

    The DIY thread - DIYourself

    True dat. Bring em back, one at a time, to different stores, with a sob story -needed for kid’s dorm room, but he beat me to it before we spoke...window’s too small... tux never came back from the cleaners....etc. I was at Homey D one night and these two Utes were trying to return tires. Car...
  7. w_b

    Blinky lights! What do you recommend?

    Best blinkie is the 3 for $11 deal, comes with batteries and mounts. One for bike, one for helmet, one for pack. Grace, I see you had a wonderful weekend. Please keep the lanterns for camping and out of the tent! Use torches for your biciclettas.
  8. w_b

    Mirraco Apprentice 16” wheels $60

    Great color fair price GLWS.
  9. w_b

    Raritan 911: Robocop

    One time I got laid off they said no severance. I said wat a dick punch. They said ok 2 weeks per year, don’t sue. OK, Back then a week’s pay get you a Blizzard today. Yum.
  10. w_b

    Weird, rib pain/back pain? Not the first time.

    Follow up @Dave Taylor what ever was causing this dysfunction? my ribs be tweaking like a bat to the torso.
  11. w_b

    Allaire Conditions

    My Bud posted this 35+ miler today so I’ll say it’s GTG.
  12. w_b

    Pivot Trail 429 - Large

    This is a great trail bike. Someone should snap it up !
  13. w_b

    The Garbage Heap

    Tis a priv to be dumped.
  14. w_b

    Parking at JFK...

    Have a friend drop you off ?
  15. w_b

    Document your Cars

    I may have a VF1000 coming up for sale soon if you’re considering the biggun.
  16. w_b

    Evil Calling 130/140mm Eagle X01 size Xl $3800

    Nice. GLWS.
  17. w_b

    Evil Calling 130/140mm Eagle X01 size Xl $3800

    Cash won’t do it?
  18. w_b

    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Nice. Pat and JKlett gon be bummed ya beat em there! Thanks!
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