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  1. Kaleidopete

    Andover Iron Mine

    If anyone likes exploring, this might be fun. The Andover Iron Mine. I don't know the park, but it looks accessible according to this writeup. It says, roadside pull over, a rail trail, near the boat launch area. I'd like to check it out. I wish they'd put GPS cords. here. If anyone knows...
  2. Kaleidopete

    iditarod trail invitational 2021

    The race is on if anyone wants to follow it here:
  3. Kaleidopete

    Fat Bike Wheels & Studded Tires

    Well I don't have use for these anymore. They are in great shape seeing as they were only used on snow for a while. I know the prices of these things new is ridiculous! But I bought them and enjoyed them, but the bike is gone now and so I no longer can use them. I liked the idea of being able...
  4. Kaleidopete

    Wawayanda Events

    Friday night hikes at Wawayanda August 21st. Must pre register.
  5. Kaleidopete

    Fat Bike Tires for sale Snowshow 2XL 5"x26

    Vee Snowshoe 2XL's for sale. They are in great condition. I mostly run my other studded tires all winter. These have been lightly used. They are huge. I just got them for the fun of it and the fun is over, time to sell. I paid $130 each for them, you can have both for that price. 2 for $100.
  6. Kaleidopete

    Highlands Preserve Park

    Highlands Preserve (formerly known as San Cap Park), is a 268-acre park, adjacent to Abram S. Hewitt State Forest located off of Union Valley Road in West Milford. The park contains several multi-purpose trails, Highlands Preserve is one of the premier hiking destinations in New Jersey. about...
  7. Kaleidopete

    World Turtle Day Saturday May 23 2020
  8. Kaleidopete

    How Often For Scheduled Servicing

    I was just browsing the Trek website and was shocked to see their recommended servicing schedule. They're recommending every 50 hours! Wow! That would be once a month for me. I never even thought of this, I lube and clean the chain and check tire pressure once in a while. Maybe once a year a...
  9. Kaleidopete

    Garmin Edge 530 questions

    So I ordered my new Edge 530 on 4/12. Got it 4/20 set it up with Trailforks account and it says synced OK. Kind of hard (for me) to figure out, but it works. Yesterday I used it but it kept going into sleep mode, I figured how to prevent that in the menu. Today I used it for my 16 mile ride. I...
  10. Kaleidopete

    Wawayanda Park Officially Closed 4/7/2020

    They just closed up the park until further notice. Gates are locked.
  11. Kaleidopete

    State Parks looking to hire summer help, ages 16 and up.

    Might be a good job for kids, free training and certification as a life guard.
  12. Kaleidopete

    State park fires prescribed burning, heads up.

    This weekend, the New Jersey Forest Fire Service will be conducting prescribed burning operations in the following areas. DIVISION A: PASSAIC COUNTY: - West Milford - Ringwood State Park SOMERSET COUNTY: - Bernards - Lord Sterling EEC - Bernardsville - NJ Audubon SUSSEX COUNTY: - Andover -...
  13. Kaleidopete

    RIP Ram Dass

    Maybe no one here knows of him, but some might. He was an educator and spiritual leader in the 70's & 80's. Died in his home in Maui Dec. 22 2019. I met him in the eighties and I did some videos of his talks in NYC...
  14. Kaleidopete

    Got any great Holiday cards to share?

    George Washington's Army Crossing the Delaware Christmas Day 1776
  15. Kaleidopete

    Veloviewer anybody using this Strava add on?

    Anybody use this? It's free to see like 25 events or pay to see all your events on strava. Just wondering if there is anything else like it in USA. This looks British. My free sample.
  16. Kaleidopete

    Fork & Rear Suspension Service How Often?

    This is a Pink Bike survey, what do you do? This is my first bike with full suspension. I've got over 600 hours this year and I never thought about it. Holy crap! I've only owned it this year
  17. Kaleidopete

    REI OptOutside clean up parks

    Have you decided to #OptOutside on Black Friday, November 29? Outdoor clothing company REI is leading the charge by closing all of their stores that day, processing no online orders, and paying all their employees for the day so they can enjoy it with family and friends for the 5th year in a...
  18. Kaleidopete

    Baby Carry Cart ...Free

    I have this 2 baby cart for someone for free, just pick it up. Works fine, needs a little cleaning. What's missing is the small bracket to attach it to the frame. Walmart has them for about $8
  19. Kaleidopete

    Wolf Pack rules for a group walk, interesting.

    This could apply to group bike rides too. ha. "A wolf pack on the move : the first 3 are the old or sick, they give the direction and pace to the entire pack. If it was the other way round, they would be left behind, losing contact with the pack. In case of an ambush they would be sacrificed...
  20. Kaleidopete

    Brooks C17 Saddle

    For sale, like new. List price $150 asking $75 The C17 is modeled after the tried-and-true B17, making it perfect for long-distance riding, commuting, and even mountain biking. The uniquely flexible rubber construction is durable, maintenance-free, and instantly comfortable. Weatherproof...
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