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  1. RyGanley

    I work so I can afford my bike

    Anyone work at PwC "Pricewaterhouse Coopers" I was offered a job with some sweet benefits, decent pay and 100% telecommute schedule. Seems too good to be true right?
  2. RyGanley

    Montclair Ninja Eagle Birthday ride

    All I am giving myself this year is a day off with a ride, if anyone is interested I will be trying to get out before Lunch today. PM me if your intrested..
  3. RyGanley

    NEED A ROOF RACK by the weekend

    I am in the market for one or two bike roof rack for my New Subaru Outback (has factory base bars) If you have just the bike rack or are willing to just sell me the parts I need I am able to get it this week with cash in hand.
  4. RyGanley

    Mountain Man Photos

    Ugg, I finally got it done, I put up all the photos from 2008 Mountain Man here:
  5. RyGanley

    Mountain Man Photos

    I was the photogapher in the cowboy hat at the race, you probably saw me runing around the track or camped out at a few hot spots, Even if you missed me I am sure there is at least one photo of you. To check here are the photos: enjoy
  6. RyGanley

    Ride & October Fest

    Sunday October 12, 11am MTB Ride at Lewis Morris, Meet at the lake house parking lot. (Average pace).Then off to knock out some schnitzel and beers at Long Vally Brew pubs Ocober fest:, only 15 drive from LewMo. Please TEll me if your...
  7. RyGanley

    Burlington Vermont

    Can anyone recommend anything in that area, I will be up there for the brewers fest this weekend, and want to find the best Single track I can with limited time.
  8. RyGanley

    Wooden Ramps at Lew Mo

    so I am sure your all aware of the removal of the wood cat walks, and addition of the micro gravel. Dose anyone know if the ramps are firewood, or they have another purpose?
  9. RyGanley

    July 12, Shore MTB Ride at Hartshorn

    An early 8:30am meet time 9ride. The Gurl/Guy MTB will be a beginner to intermediate with Single speeders very welcome, don't forget your Bathing suit if you want to take a after ride dip. We also will be having some beers by the water in the end. Meet at the Navisink Ave. Parking area.
  10. RyGanley

    Where To Ride Near Burlington Vt. (Brew Fest)

    I am going to this: on the 18th... And That Sat or Sun I will be riding (MTB). But Where? Anyone out there from VT or Visit and ride some good advice would be very helpful.
  11. RyGanley

    Saturday 6/28 9am, Hartshorne

    Small group, Fast Pace. Looking for Miles. We Ride SS! But gears can come to. Meet at Navasink Road, Text me at 973953909 when ur late or lost.
  12. RyGanley

    My New Trail

    So, I got these 15 acers in New York State. And for the past 20 years I have been camping up there on the weekends with pops and friends. All this while I always complained there was no good trails to ride on the land.. so last weekend I stuck a shovel in the ground and comited to my first...
  13. RyGanley

    Cooperstown Riding

    Got my Road bike ready for the endless roads of upstate NY Near Cooperstown.. But I was thinking about packing the MTB as well. Anyone know of some decent riding out there?
  14. RyGanley

    Wawayanda Ride Sat Morn

    Saturday 05-31-08 at 10am I will be leading a Beginner-Moderate Ride for around the H2H Race Track. P.S. If anyone is interested in camping that night knock me a PM, I am holding down a camp site for sat only, But only have room for 15.
  15. RyGanley

    South Mountain Patision

    If your a Essex County Res and want to open South Mountain to MOUNTAIN BIKING, Then stop by the Montclair Bikery and Sign the Patision. We have about 200 Signatures and need about 1000 by July. And now for your enjoyment This:
  16. RyGanley

    Pick a SUV

    pick a suv
  17. RyGanley

    Pick a SUV

    I am in the market for a used SUV, but my options seem endless. I am curious what ya all think. Of course money, milage and availablity are a issue, but when it comes down to it I think it will be one of these.
  18. RyGanley

    Anyone work for Rodale Publishing?

    Looking for a contact in regards to a NYC location.
  19. RyGanley

    Ninja Ride tonight Newark Area

    We are taking a Quick night ride out the Newark area toinght 4-23, charge a light.
  20. RyGanley

    Ninja Ride tonight

    Montclair area ride, PM me for details.
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