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  1. rlb

    WTB Rooftop cargo box (Thule Force, Yakima Skybox, etc.)

    Let me know if you have one you're willing to part with. I'm looking for a larger box (+-20 cu ft). I've been trolling FB marketplace on and off, of course everything there is "like new" with like-new pricing, no matter how beat up it is. Not looking to steal one, just looking for something in...
  2. rlb

    Unicorn top cap

    Where can I get one for my 4yo? Found this company but no unicorn. Purple cat will do if I can't find one.
  3. rlb

    What's the going rate for a......

    car detailing? 2017 Subaru Outback to be exact. I'm planning to trade it in soon and weighing the cost/benefit to making it look a little nicer. It's got some bugs and sap to be taken care of and 1 or 2 bird poop stains that will hopefully come out. Any recommendations on places?
  4. rlb

    Free patio table (needs work)

    I liked this table, it's stylish and large, approx 81" x 35.5". Apparently the squirrels decided they liked it too last year (after 6 years of leaving it alone) and they chewed every piece of the composite top. The frame is aluminum and in good shape (maybe a little faded), but the top need to...
  5. rlb

    Rollers $125

    Nashbar reduced radius rollers, same as shown here: Bought here ~ 10 years ago and they have been used sparingly. Still in great shape. $125, located near Chimney Rock
  6. rlb

    Free stroller and kids mattress

    From smoke free homes. Don't need these anymore, both in good shape. We bough the stroller new and the mattress came from a neighbor, we never wound up using the mattress. Will post dimensions and pics if there is any interest...
  7. rlb


    Probably a month or 2 late to this party but... I reached out to my bank 2x with no response. Anyone have a good local resource for refinancing? There are any number of options online to just plug in your financial info and pray that's it's a legit operation on the other side (quicken, lending...
  8. rlb

    InterMetro clothing rack $60

    InterMetro clothing rack. Shows some signs of use (scratches etc) but functions fine. One of the wheels has a flat spot. Located near Chimney Rock Same as this one: More pics...
  9. rlb

    NJ DMV

    I'm sure we've all had some issues in the last year.... I paid off my car in May 2020 and got the title and lien release letter from the bank fairly quickly. At the time the DMV was still closed (I think), and since it has re-opened it's been swamped. Not wanting to trust my title to the...
  10. rlb

    Which beach town for a week vacation?

    I'm planning a late July trip with my wife, 4 year old, and 8 month old, and me. I'm leaning towards Cape May since the beach will be the goal and we can hit the Wildwood boardwalk a few evenings to mix it up a bit. I like that Cape May has plenty of spots to walk around and explore without the...
  11. rlb

    Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark ii mirrorless camera with 14-42mm II R lens + extras

    For sale is an E-M10.2 camera with the 14-42mm II R lens + accessories (original Olympus strap, Olympus ECG-3 grip, manuals, and Case Logic case). The sale also includes the OEM charger and battery which still functions well. Overall I consider this kit to be in near-perfect condition with no...
  12. rlb

    MTB and road parts

    Located near CR, prefer pickups but I’m open to shipping Ultegra BR-6700 brakes. Great condition, includes a set of new pads $50 $65 X7 3x9 shifters, good condition $20 $30 Origin8 ⅛ headset. Installed but never ridden. Has a nick on the inside of the race from removal $10 Steel18t SS cog...
  13. rlb

    Free 700c tires

    Get your trainer tires, or an early Christmas present for your mom. Porch pickup in Bound Brook (3 mins from CR Miller Lane lot). All are pairs, folding bead. None are TLR. These are all in rideable shape except the the two GP4000s with sidewall tears Continental Gatorskin 700x23 Schwalbe...
  14. rlb

    First time taping a tubeless rim - is this going to break my face?

    Question 1: The front wheel has a small ding on the bead hook. I haven't tried to set this one up tubeless yet, but wondering if this is a deal breaker? Or will the tire bead conform and seal? No pic at the moment. Question 2: I set up the rear wheel with new tape today. The tape is up on the...
  15. rlb

    Tick treatment for back yard

    Has anyone done this sort of thing? In the last week I've found at least 20 ticks on my dog and/or me after coming in from the yard. They are super tiny, I can't tell if they're deer ticks or nymphs but I don't really care at this point. Not sure WTF is going on but it's got me a bit paranoid...
  16. rlb

    Free household stuff

    Delta bathroom faucet, installed a little more than 6 months ago. Includes drain (never installed) Pick up in Bridgewater
  17. rlb

    Wanted: Wide road wheels (rim brake)

    Looking for a wide set (~20mm internal) of 700c wheels, peasant rim brake. I'm looking at a few budget sets online but figured I would reach out here first to see what anyone might have.
  18. rlb

    Jersey Pickles Sharing for those who like to support a local business who is also excellent at what they do. And maybe I am late to the party, but we randomly bought some pickles from this place at a farmers market...
  19. rlb

    Anyone have a RoadID coupon code?

    Let me know!
  20. rlb

    Wanted: SPD-SL pedals

    I'm looking for something in decent shape, but they don't need to be perfect. LMK if you have some to part with.
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