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  1. DD-


    Anyone planning on going up to the Kenda Bike Festival (formerly Pedro's) later this month (7/25-7/27)?
  2. DD-

    Thank You

    As most of you know, our nephew, Eddie, passed away last Sunday morning. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone on the board for the offers to donate blood, for the prayers and well-wishes, and the general concern that so many of you showed both of us during this very difficult...
  3. DD-

    O negative blood needed

    Hi Some of the members of the board know that my family is currently going through a very difficult time with my 3-year old nephew Eddie. I'm posting the information here on this forum because we may need some help. The story is that back in late June, Eddie was taken to Long Island...
  4. DD-

    Mahlon Trail Conditions?

    Any reports from Mahlon? or Deer Park? Kittatinny yesterday was soft with some mud - like riding in sand, but definately rideable. Mud was in the usual low places.
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