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    Deer Park Trail Work!

    Hey just wanted to give a big shout out to the Plumber (Keith C.), hardtail70, and Jeff O (from Cyclecraft, Long Valley) for the work they did yesterday at Deer Park!!! The trio worked on one of the social trails coming out of the first parking lot making the trail more sustainable. This...
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    2009 TM Dates Allamuchy

    Hey, how is everyone? Things have been a little dryer our there and we can actually start riding again! We wanted to put out the dates for this years trail maintenance at Allamuchy. If you notice not all of the dates are on Saturdays this year, about half are on Sundays. We will be working...
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    Allamuchy Conditions

    Was out for a hime on Saturday, March 7 and guess what...its a mess out there (althought I did come across three riders). There are actually some areas that still have frost in the ground yet. Given the forecast for this week, I would say we are a good two weeks away from things getting...
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    Allamuchy North Conditions

    Was out with the dogs and clearing blow down yesterday afternoon, things are in full thaw mode right now. Best to stay off the trails unless we get a good freeze, or give it a month to dry out!!! This would apply to Deer Park and Stephens as well.
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    If you care about Moab trails...

    Chekc out this link and send a letter...
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    DP is a mess after the storm

    Sounds like the storm had a big impact on DP. There will be some folks possibly up there today starting to clear things out, not sure how long it will take. So if you were planning on riding there this weekend, you may want to check before heading out there.
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    Oct 25th TM

    If anyone is interested we have trail maintenance scheduled for Saturday, Sept 20th for details go here:
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    Allamuchy September TM Thanks

    Not only did we have great weather this past weekend, we had a great turn out for TM! We finished the White Tr by-pass (closer to the Tranquility side, removes the eroded fire road downhill that was in the 24 hr Race). The group has a total of 644 hours for this reporting year!!! This is up...
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    Sept 20 Allamuchy TM

    If anyone is interested we have trail maintenance scheduled for Saturday, Sept 20th for details go here:
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    Aug 16th TM

    If anyone is interested we have a TM schduled for this Saturday for details go here:
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    Allamuchy TM 7/26

    We have a TM session coming up on July 26 in the North Section of the Park. Go to for details!
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    June TM

    BTW, TM is scheduled for this Sunday (changed from Sat) details are here.... Bob W.
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    Allamuchy Deer Park TM 5/31

    Hey everyone, Wanted to give a big shout out and thanks to everyone that came out last month for TM! This includes: Jason Pilato, Lou Van Kirk, Eric Baum, Dan Matthews, Scott Morda, Kevin Connelly, Chris DeSantis, Steve Filiponi, Kevin Conelly, Alex Hayes, George Beckenthal, Karen and Bob...
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    Heads up - Wildlife

    Just wanted to let everyone know that we have see a great amount of wildlife activity in the park over the past week! Our word to everyone...get out there and see it for your self!!! The best things we have seen...the bald eagle, the triplet bear cubs (now 1 yr old), the snakes, turtles, red...
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    Shout out to Cycle Works!

    Hey just wanted to give a shout out to the best mechanic in NJ, John at Cycle Works!!! I usually do all my own bike repairs and such. Every now and then I come into something that I can’t fix, don't have the right tools for or something. Who is my go to man…John! Recently had an issue with...
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    Allamuchy TM

    Just wanted to throw this out to everyone, if you are interested in helping with TM at Allamuchy please shoot an e-mail to If you could provide your contact info in the e-mail, will add you to our list and you will be included in e-mails announcing TM dates and plans. If...
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    Allamuchy Conditions 3/27

    Just wanted to give a heads up, the trails are still very soft. Looks like some people have tried to ride in the last few days or last night and well you can guess the results. If the weather stays like it has been I would expect we can be on the trails in a week or so. Will try and post...
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    2006 Allamuchy TM Summary and Thanks

    We wanted to thank everyone tht helped out with TM at Allamuchy during 2005. In 2006 we had a total of 40 volunteers contribute over 460 hours of TM labor at the park. This represents nearly a 100% increase from 2005. Major projects included: - the completion of an approximately 0.6...
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