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  1. Triple-B

    Insearch of a GOOD mechanic

    I'm looking for a GOOD MTB mechanic in Bergen county/Northern NJ area. Need to be able to talk directly to them and not counter people. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Triple-B

    29er Tire Descision

    My tires are approaching there end and was gonna switch them this week, looking for some advice on the following Bontrager TRL's/ Kenda Nevegal's/ or an advised different tire or just throw on another set of Conti mtn kings ?? I mostly ride in Ringwood and a few other places local to me.
  3. Triple-B

    Niceeeeeeeee !!!!

    The weather is forecasted for mid 50's to mid 40's for the next WEEK and no rain. Get those rides in while you can. Got a good 3hr ride in today and can't wait for the weekend. :getsome:
  4. Triple-B

    Niner Air 9

    Frame: 2011 Niner Air 9--Large Headset: Chris King Fork: RockShox Reba RLT 29er Fork (2011) 100mm 9mm quick release with 100mm spacing Wheels: Stan's NoTubes ZTR Arch 29er Tires: Continental mountain king Crank: TruVativ XO carbon 42-28 Front Der.: Sram x9 Rear Der.: Sram x9 white...
  5. Triple-B

    Brake pads/Avid XO

    I was riding upstate NY the last couple days and my front brake started squealing like a cat with it's tail stuck in a door, so then I tried to adj the pad contact and nothing. Tried to loosen the pads up by taking the wheel off and pushing the pads back by hand, no good. Then called a few...
  6. Triple-B

    Riding shoes

    Ok so I keep seeing ads for riding shoes for platformers like myself(I believe clip-ins have no business on mtb's IMO) I see them from Teva and FOX and Oakley etc and was wondering if anybody uses these and how they like them. I usually just ride in my Nike air max lol. Any info would be great...
  7. Triple-B

    Cranks & Seat

    Selling my SRAM X9 2x10 175mm 39/26 tooth, They have 32miles on them. $150. Fizik Alante XM seat white with black edge. $25 PM me if interested.
  8. Triple-B

    Campmor bike shop

    Took my Niner Air 9 in for a Pro tune up and for my new XO carbon cranks to be installed. I had never used a shop for my mtb's yet and now I know why I should. I got a Pro Tune up for the race at LM this coming weekend and was surprised at how different the bike sounded when I picked it up. I...
  9. Triple-B

    Chain Collapse

    Ok so as the title says, I have been having this going on when I free wheel( resetting my feet/pedaling backwards). When I free wheel the chain will sometimes start to collapse or as I was taught as a young bmx racer pedal hard before going into a turn and then free wheel to reset your...
  10. Triple-B

    Bar Length

    When I got this bike it had these Eryx 3T bar and stem which I felt had me raked forward alil to much so I bought a new RaceFace Next carbon riser bar and a Thompson elite x4 stem with an increased angle to bring them up. Well I put the new stuff on and went for a small ride. The new bars are...
  11. Triple-B

    In search of: Beginner 29er XC race

    Looking to try my legs at a beginner 29er XC race around Sept or later, anyone who knows of any preferrably local to the tri state area ? Thanks
  12. Triple-B

    Offset or not to offset

    Tryin to decide if I should offset my front or rear tires. I have a set of 2.2 and 2.4, what is better for traction wider in the front or back or not offsetting at all ? I don't know the advantages for doing it either way, any tips ? On a side note I got my RaceFace Next carbon riser bar...
  13. Triple-B

    Bar & stem

    Bars: 3t eryx pro 640mm wide with 31mm rise Stem: 3t eryx pro 100mm with some white grips $60.00 for both !!! can text or Email pics
  14. Triple-B

    29er UST tires

    Looking for a UST 29er 2.35 and can't seem to find one, anybody know of any ?
  15. Triple-B

    29er guys

    I'm thinking about buying a Niner air 9, now I like to ride fast alot of these bike frame reviews claim how "fast" these bikes are and all that junk, does anybody have a Air 9 who can give me some feed back or recommend a well built supposedly fast 29er frame. And how true is this 80mm only...
  16. Triple-B

    Wanted: SS 26 0r 29

    Ok people I'm looking for a Single Speed 26er or 29er, preferably a Large frame. I'm not in the mood to build one so if anybody has one they are looking to sell, let me know. Thanks
  17. Triple-B

    Back to the Bike

    I had been snowboarding every weekend almost since late Nov and hadn't even thought about riding until this last week. Has anyone been on the trails in Bergen or Passaic Counties this week and how are they ???
  18. Triple-B

    Alrighty 29er it is .......

    I've decided to go with a SS 29er. Now the fun part is finding one. So far I've found the Redline Monocog 29er as one choice. Are there any other companies that sell a complete one. I'm not building one. I want it done & ready for fun. Any suggestions ????
  19. Triple-B


    Anyone who rides the Campgaw hike trails beware, I was chased by a black bear this morning up there, near the rear garage/shop where the trail starts. I had borrowed a friends bike for a nice lil morning ride and on my way out of the trail, I caught a glimpse of a big black furry bastard as I...
  20. Triple-B

    Some Frame input !!!

    I'm thinking about buying a AM/FR frame and have narrowed it down to these 3 1.Turner RFX 2.Specialized SX Trail 3.Cove G-spot Has anybody rode any of these frames or have any input on them ??? Thanks;)
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