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    Nassau Trail conditions

    Quiet indeed. I was the dude chatting w/ you guys as you were packing up. Trails rode real nice...
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    Stephens State Park Conditions

    Safe to assume rideable up top and soft at the lower trails?
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    2021 Giant Trance 29 X 2

    Reducing rotational weight will always help with speed. The tires are 2.5/front, 2.4/rear, so some weight could be lost there as well. Truth be told, I don’t feel at all slow on this bike, but I do notice the extra few pounds at the top of shorter, punchy climbs. If I were truly worried about...
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    2021 Giant Trance 29 X 2

    OK - @extremedave requested a review, so here goes: I had been riding a 2006 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert since, well, 2006. That bike served me exceptionally well over the years, but I was looking to move to something new, probably later in the year or early 2021, especially given the...
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    2019 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29er Frame - XL - SOLD

    I can do that - I'll post it up in the Reviews forum.
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    2019 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29er Frame - XL - SOLD

    Yeah I was pretty impressed with how they responded, especially since the Stumpjumper was coming up on being 15 years old. I didn't really get a sense for how beaten that thing was until I stripped everything off of it. On another note, Sourland Cycles in Hopewell was excellent in helping me...
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    2019 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29er Frame - XL - SOLD

    Got this 2019 Epic Expert Carbon 29er frame as a warranty replacement for my 2006 Stumpjumper frame that I cracked a few weeks ago. Fresh out of the bubble wrap to take the photo. This frame is gorgeous and light as hell. Shock, Brain, seat collar, mounting hardware all included. Would love...
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    Is strava going from suck to blow?

    Yeah - still around. Still riding the 2006 Stumpjumper. Actually crossed paths with Kirt at Stephens last week.
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    Is strava going from suck to blow?

    Bring back Motion Based, I say.
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    Strictly METAL

    Check out Creeping Death - another new band doing the old-school DM thing and doing it well. They're on the bill with High on Fire, Power Trip, and Devil Master at Asbury Lanes in November. That show gives a bit of everything style-wise. Thrash, death, weird-ass punk-infused black metal, and...
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    Group Ride 2/9 Stephens

    Been a very long time since I’ve jumped on one of these. Planning on being there.
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    Nassau Trail is open

    Was there this morning. Can’t imagine more ideal trail conditions.
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    The Indoor Cyclist's support thread

    While I do ride indoors to some extent this time of year, I hate it so much that I can't see throwing any money toward enhancing the experience. Perhaps a bit short-sighted, I know. In any case, I have my road bike on a Performance house-brand trainer that is probably 17-18 years old. Up...
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    Trails near Long Valley, Lebanon or Clinton - recommendations?

    I’ve been in Long Valley since 2002 and will echo what others have said. Excellent road riding and fairly easy access out the door to Nassau and Voorhees via Columbia Trail. Nassau is a great system and still growing, and linking it with Voorhees can net some serious mileage with not too much...
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    Nassau Trail conditions
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    Nassau Trail conditions

    If you go to the parking lot at the end of Columbia trail, through the Municipal Lot, and through the area where there are piles of mulch, the trail will appear on your right. There's a DPW gang box there, so it's hard to miss. I rode that section for the first time on Saturday and followed it...
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    Nassau Trail conditions

    So where are these new trails being built? Over by the Nassau/Springside area, or up off of the end of Columbia Trail on Main Street? Was just at Circa on Saturday for drinks - always an excellent beer selection there.
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    Hey - with regard to the stem. I'm nowhere near Howell - is it possible to have you drop it in...

    Hey - with regard to the stem. I'm nowhere near Howell - is it possible to have you drop it in the mail? I'd obviously send you the 10 bucks plus whatever the shipping would be ahead of time. If it's too much of a pain, don't sweat it, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks - Mike
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