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  1. mergs

    Subaru IMBA Trail Care Crew coming to Ringwood Oct 9-10

    Please consider joinig JORBA and IMBA for a Subaru IMBA trail care crew visit on Oct 9-10 at Ringwood: The event it FREE but requires registration:
  2. mergs

    Kid's MTB Race, Essex County, Hilltop Grasshopper, Aug 21

    (Crosspost on behalf of Geordie over at the Hilltop Conservancy) Get the kid's, K - Grade 8 out to the Hilltop Grasshopper Kid's Bike Race on August 21 Please help spread this announcement! First race, K - Grade 1 @ 0900 Registration opens @ 0730 For the event flyer see...
  3. mergs

    Ringwood Beginnner Ride Tonight 23 June

    Tonight, JORBA is hosting its semi-weekly rides beginner rides from Ringwood's Parking Lot C at 5:30pm. These rides are for BEGINNERS (although everyone is welcome) who want an easy paced and friendly ride through the easier trails of Ringwood. This is a no drop ride and we wait for everyone...
  4. mergs

    wildlife sighting

    I was out my backyard trails on Sunday with my biking buddy Misty and saw something I've been hearing for years, but have never seen: a barred owl. Man, this thing looked huge, and fully capable of taking on a red-tailed hawk (should they decide they'd...
  5. mergs

    LBS funded Scholarship sends JORBA to World Bike Summit

    Thanks to Bicycle Hub, Cycle Craft, Jay's Cycle Center, High Gear Cyclery for kicking into the scholarship! These shops care about your access to mountain biking.
  6. mergs

    NJ.COM: Bicyclists become keepers of nature

    Even though this is over in Lehigh County, PA, the details of this article ring just as true at a lot of parks in here NJ too! Currently, we're peppering the press with news and press releases when appropriate to bring this fact to their...
  7. mergs

    Lenosky laying down his tracks

    Local Jersey Boy Lenosky laying down his tracks
  8. mergs

    Saturday June 7th is National Trails Day

    Get out and dig, ride, repeat:
  9. mergs

    Women's lib arrived on bicycles

    good morning ladies... I thought you might enjoy this... eh hem... somewhat liberating article :) Women's lib arrived on bicycles By Christopher Connolly Susan B. Anthony once said, "Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in...
  10. mergs

    another shot at Seasons by the Collective

    If you missed out on NYCmtb's "Seasons" movie premier, or perhaps NYC is too bloody far from you Central and South Jersey folks, fear not... you have another crack at it: :D Announcing the South Jersey area premier of...
  11. mergs

    action: Budget Cuts and Park Closures

    Riders, As Kirt posted here we have many state parks and forests that will be closed or partially closed on July 1. JORBA is monitoring this situation closely. At this time, we would like to ask the riding community to contact their legislators and the governor and voice their...
  12. mergs

    The Dirt - Issue 2 - JORBA Newsletter

    Howdy Folks... JORBA members were sent Issue 2 of the Dirt this morning. I must say the development crew has outdone issue 1. Its really a great peice of work. I got 4-5 errors on the mail. So if you're a member and you didn't get the PDF file from me this morning, go here...
  13. mergs

    Awareness Test - Look out for Cyclists

    Very thought provoking... a must watch: Now, if we can only get the non-riding public to understand this...
  14. mergs

    shave and a haircut, 2 bits

    this will turn heads...
  15. mergs

    Hunterdon County Open Space threat - meeting tonight

    cross post: Action Alert: Hunterdon County Open Space may be threatened The issue The freeholders of Hunterdon County are discussing the Kingwood Township property in executive meeting on Tue, 4 March (today). The meeting will...
  16. mergs

    Know your opposition

    The best defense is a good offense. Keep your friends close your enemies closer. These are both well known cliches but they do ring true. In that spirit, I want to bring you one of the most vocal critics of mountain biking: Michael J Vandeman. His website:
  17. mergs

    Trail Diplomacy: The Simple Path to Mountain Biking's Future

    There is a lot of fantastic information in this article "Trail Diplomacy: The Simple Path to Mountain Biking's Future" below. I think what I like most about this is that it talks quite honestly about trail etiquette and why certain things "are they way they are". Many people like to argue...
  18. mergs

    11th Annual Halloween Night Ride & Costume Contest 10/27

    xpost from: The Jersey Action Riders, along with JORBA, will host the 11th Annual Halloween Night Ride and Costume Contest on Saturday, October 27th, at the Batsto Visitor Center in Wharton State Forest. The ride will begin at 7:00 p.m. We are...
  19. mergs

    Randolph Trails

    x-post: Calling all Randolph area and Morris County residents: Upcoming Eagle Scout project: new trails for Randolph Trail System Matt Herdman, an Eagle Scout candidate, is looking to add about .7 miles to the existing Randolph Trails...
  20. mergs

    Trail Access issues at the Tourne: meet, greet and ride

    Riders, Ryan and Greg (of Morris Trails Partnership/JORBA) will be available at the Tourne lower lot at 8:30-9:00am this Saturday (Sep Cool to meet with you and discuss the recent developments at the Tourne. We know it's short notice, but feel it's important to begin getting to know each...
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