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    2021 Giant Trance 29 X 2

    OK - @extremedave requested a review, so here goes: I had been riding a 2006 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert since, well, 2006. That bike served me exceptionally well over the years, but I was looking to move to something new, probably later in the year or early 2021, especially given the...
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    2019 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon 29er Frame - XL - SOLD

    Got this 2019 Epic Expert Carbon 29er frame as a warranty replacement for my 2006 Stumpjumper frame that I cracked a few weeks ago. Fresh out of the bubble wrap to take the photo. This frame is gorgeous and light as hell. Shock, Brain, seat collar, mounting hardware all included. Would love...
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    New Trail?

    So I was coming down the white trail earlier today (the downhill section coming back from the lake, towards the lot, specifically), and there was a new trail on the left that looked to have been cleared recently. When I say trail, it was more like a single lane road, like wide enough to fit a...
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    BMX Bike

    Looking for a BMX bike for my 8-year-old. He's got a mountain bike but wants something a bit more jumpable for playing around on. Not looking for anything too fancy, but don't want to get him something that weighs more than him so I figured I'd put the feelers out.
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    As I Grow Older....

    So recent years have seen my time mountain biking steadily decline. From 1996 through around 2006 I only rode in the woods, usually 1-2 times a week and did some indoor miles on the trainer, mostly during the winter months. Never even entertained riding on pavement until I started riding the...
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    Not a Pretty Site If you scroll through the photos it appears as though Cycle Craft in Long Valley has fallen victim to the hurricane flooding. Hope they make out alright with this.
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    Recommend me a Wheelset....

    Need to replace my wheelset in the near future - going on six years of use and abuse and regularly breaking spokes and truing. What I have currently is whatever OEM Mavic wheelset came on the bike when I got it ('06 Stumpy FSR). No UST necessary, but they gotta hold up (I'm 6'2, 190-ish) as I...
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    Allamuchy 7/2 Morning

    Planning on rolling out from the Tranquility lot 7:45 - 8:00am and riding for 2.5-3 hours (15 miles maybe?) at an intermediate (maybe intermediate+ pace) w/ out too many stops, done by no later than 11:30 (to quote my wife - "if I miss my massage appointment because of your ride, I'm taking a...
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    MTBNJ Sighting on my Street

    As I was driving up my street (West Valley Brook Rd., Long Valley) to bring my kids out for lunch, I noticed a couple of guys on road bikes and MTBNJ kits coming down the hill the opposite direction. So, which of ya was it?
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    Trunk Mounted Bike Rack

    Just went from an SUV to a car and don't fancy taking both wheels off every time I load my bike into the car. Would love to get a roof rack but funds are tight, so I figured I'd see if anyone's got a trunk rack they are looking to unload.
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    Somewhere in Allamuchy 11/11

    So I have off for Veterans Day tomorrow and am planning on getting out for a ride at one of the Allamuchy parks, not sure which one yet. Figuring a 9:00am-ish start (get the kids off to school), 10-15 miles (nothing epic) at an intermediate pace, done before noon - gotta do some stuff at the...
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    Another Fork Question - Stanchions

    I have a 2006 Fox TALAS RL fork that is original to the bike I am currently riding. Changed the oil every year and this past summer noticed a little more oil on the right stanchion than usual, so I figured it was time for new seals. Brought it to the LBS and when they dismantled the fork there...
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    XT/SLX Compatablilty?

    So I have a new SLX cassette and a new XT Chain. Put both on the bike, pedaled and shifted OK on the stand. Rode it around the driveway and it was really rough and noisy. Question is - are the SLX cassette and the XT chain compatable, or should I have gotten an LX chain? That said, my...
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    Allamuchy 9/19

    In a rare day with few time constraints I'm planning on riding at Allamuchy tomorrow, starting somewhere in the neighborhood of 8:00am, most likely from the Waterloo Rd. parking lot. Looking to go 15, maybe close to 20 miles (if my legs will allow) at a what I would call a moderate pace...
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    Six Mile Trail Conditions

    Anyone know what the trails are looking like? Was thinking of heading there this afternoon from work, but will probably head elsewhere if things are a mess. Thanks. Mike
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    Rigid Fork Suggestions

    I'm looking to put a rigid fork on my old hardtail ('99 Trek 8500) and need a little direction. Nothing too fancy (read: cheap) - though I do need disc brake tabs. The bike serves as my "road" bike and currently has a 2001 Marzocchi Z-1 on it that hasn't held oil since 2005 and weighs a ton...
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    Allamuchy Early Sunday

    Riding from the 517 gate tomorrow (Sunday) starting at 7:00 - 7:15am for a 2.5 hour or so ride, maybe 12-15 miles moderate pace w/ limited stops (gotta be home before 11). Figured I'd post up if anyone wanted to join. Mike
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    Chimney Rock 8/21

    Figured I'd post up if anyone was looking for a ride tomorrow. Probably going to ride at CR after work starting somewhere around 5:00 - 5:15pm barring catastrophic traffic coming up from Cherry Hill. Going out from the Newman's Lane parking lot and hitting all sections of the park. Pace...
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    So I Cracked My Frame...

    While cleaning off my bike this morning from my previous ride on Tuesday I noticed a crack in one of chainstay welds closest to the lower pivot. Tried to convince myself that it was just a scratch, but alas, it was indeed a crack. Dropped it of at the LBS not too long thereafter. I would...
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    Seem Like a Long Time?

    Blew my rear shock out on April 19th (Fox Triad on an '06 Stumpjumper) for the second time in as many years. Thing was leaking oil and the lever adjuster basically fell off. Dropped it off at the LBS who sent it to Fox (apparently it needed a re-build that the shop wasn't equipped to perform)...
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