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  1. Kaleidopete

    This Day in History (Post up past events relative to the current date)

    the longest day June 21, 1930, the New Jersey Veterans' Memorial was dedicated, “to the glory and honor and eternal memory of New Jersey’s heroes by land and sea and air, in all wars of our country." It is located at High Point State Park.
  2. Kaleidopete

    Trail Tales

    This is kinda a trail tale. I don't usually see any other people out on the trails, but this afternoon I went to the park to fix up a trail I like to ride. I'm really kind of selfish that way, just maintaining "my" trails. Anyway, this trail is in a more popular area and sure enough, a couple of...
  3. Kaleidopete

    A Wookies return.....

    I'm wearing my full sleeve "bug jacket" lately
  4. Kaleidopete

    Rogue Trail Shutdown

    From the book Iron Mine Trails from NYNJTC
  5. Kaleidopete

    Ramblings from Moe Mountain

    Less than stellar Farm to Fork adventure ride today. This ride gets lousier every year. The people are great as are the other participants. They’re just so cheap! Sign in is in a parking lot/field. No seating or benches, just sign in and hang around until The ride starts. They don’t tell you...
  6. Kaleidopete

    Gas powered bikes?

    A friends 70 mph. blow out, he didn't go down and he's fine! 😱
  7. Kaleidopete

    Things that make you frown :(

    Ya gonna' patch it from the inside? I did to my studded tire since it was so expensive, and it worked fine. I glued a large patch inside the tire and glued the rip closed and it's lasted all year.
  8. Kaleidopete


    Ya get to see a lot more when walking 🤪
  9. Kaleidopete

    Warning : Tourne is closed for bear hunting

    Now is when I can get my revenge on hikers & dog walkers! Time to hit the trails!
  10. Kaleidopete

    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    Most likely both
  11. Kaleidopete

    Wawayanda State Park Conditions

    Riding Doublepond Tr. the boardwalk is pretty flooded
  12. Kaleidopete

    OOS Believe Me and Follow Me!

    the Wawayanda way
  13. Kaleidopete


    Big bear & baby bear today's ride
  14. Kaleidopete

    Disturbing "no helmet" trend

    responding to the original post...... my ride yesterday with fifteen riders with the Jersey Devils bicycle club and only three with helmets! Me and Bull & Spin, and I think Bull only wears his because it has horns. I guess it's because they only ride roads and go slow. Me riding mountain...
  15. Kaleidopete

    Ramblings from Moe Mountain

    Rode with the Jersey Devils bike club today on their 10th. Anniversary ride in Asbury Park. Great weather. I rode up on the boardwalk, you can do that up until 10AM. Went down the ramp and onto the beach, the going is tough in the deep sand, even with the fat bike. There were also big ruts to...
  16. Kaleidopete

    Wawayanda Events

  17. Kaleidopete

    The Absurd Speculation and Wild Ass Guessing Coronavirus Thread

    went to Chase bank today, all tellers and personnel in the bank were masked. As were all six customers. Only one other person unmasked as I was leaving.
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