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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    anyone plan to ride to 6 mile the weekend of the 12th? heading down to see my sister and want to make my yearly lap of 6 mile... i know i cant ride saturday but maybe friday afternoon or sunday morning?
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Ya I saw the sign. That's why I pulled in and parked on the grass right there. Didn't see an actual no parking sign or I would have looked around more. Not being from the area I didn't want to drive all over looking for the other trail heads. Though I guess I should have.
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    Six Mile Run - Canal Parking

    Umm one of those cars was ours so of course we come out and ours is the only one left parked on the grass. Glad they didn't tow it. Haha
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Wife and I got out there from about 11 till 3. 12.9 miles. Of course we found out the parking isn't like where we ride and just park any where. We parked on the grass in the canal lot and ended up with Janice little love note lol. What's the parking fine? Btw trails are awesome and thanks to...
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Ah! Free buffeet at the hotel I dont wana miss out on lol
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    When is the rain supposed to start? I was thinking 10ish
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    6 Mile Run Conditions

    Going to 6 mile in the morning if anyone wants to ride. Just the wife and I. Thiswill only be our second time there so some one with some trail knowledge would be great. I'm a advanced rider and my wife can hold her own
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    Spring trip to Kingdom Trails

    I rented 2 condos from the night of June 23 to June 27 for $1000 and as of right now 10 people cant really beat that! I can hook anyone up with the ladies info if anyone wants it for a future trip to kingdom. They are on Burke mountain just about perfect to open up the day with a...
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    Kingdom Trails

    when are you heading up there? i'm only 2.5 hours from there and i have a friend thats within 40 minutes of the place (he rides there a few times a week). If you want a guy, i can hook you up with him. I'm headed over there on the 23rd of June for 4 days of riding. Rented a condo just above the...
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    Northern NY

    Here's what we have in Northern NY....
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    Its been painted once...ever year we've done a little something to it...all new suspension about...

    Its been painted once...ever year we've done a little something to it...all new suspension about two years ago, new exhaust last year. It needs body work and motor could use a refresh along with cleaning up the engine bay. It has about 60k miles on it now. Dark green with tan convertible top and...
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    Belle Mead/Princeton area?

    what other trail systems other than 6 Mile Run should i look for in that area? my sister lives in Belle Meed on River road. I'll be heading back down there again this summer and would like to find some more riding.
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    what year is the vet? thinking early 70's? i have a 69....passed down from my dad who had...

    what year is the vet? thinking early 70's? i have a 69....passed down from my dad who had owned it since 72.
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    New visitor!

    i havent been drunk enough to fall down stairs lately...and only fun for a boys allowed lol :scared:
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    MB, Google Earth, Custom Maps & GPS Data

    i'm hoping after all the bruises she'll be ready to go for the next ride. :D
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    New visitor!

    they really do an awesome job....i was very impressed....bridges are done right in the right places, bypasses in places that they are needed, and everything is so well groomed. Next time i'm down there i'll give a heads up and hopefully can meet up with some locals. The guys we did see down...
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    MB, Google Earth, Custom Maps & GPS Data

    Hows this for my first time checking the trails out and my wifes first time ever on a mountain bike trail.
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    New visitor!

    Hey everyone... I may be making a few trips to the NJ mountain biking scene since my sister now lives near Princeton. Only a couple miles from 6 Mile Run. The wife and i were down there this weekend and were able to get a ride in down the D&R trail to 6 mile run. We did the blue trail, part of...
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