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    Map My ride

    I did try to search this with no luck and I am sorry if it has been answered already. Does anybody use Map My Ride, who knows it pretty well. All I want to do is continue a route on the same map so at the conclussion of many rides I will have one whole map of one park. I cant seem to continue...
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    Tube Sizes

    I noticed that there are 26" x 1.5/2.2 and 26" x 1.95/2.5 I ride the Panaracer fire pro XC 2.2 Is there a particular size that works better? I see the latter puts the tube size in the middle as opposed to the upper end. Sorry if this is a rookie question, but I have had three pinch flats in...
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    Kittatinny Monday Night

    Hello, I had a great ride last Wed. night at Mahlon with the group. I was told tonight is a ride at Kittatinny at 5:30. Does anyone know where the meet spot is and if it is still a go? Thanks, Rich
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    Mahlon Dickerson

    First time was a bit shacky but cant wait to get to the upper stuff, cascade and up that way. The trails were marked fairly well but the map was hard to follow. I got stuck on the highland trail (nice hiking with bike in tow) yellow trail was good, some nice rocky downhills. Still looking...
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    Mahlon Dickerson Today

    Hello, I am planning on a ride around 3:00 at M.D (6-25-08). if anyone is interested. My buddy and I went there for the first time yesterday. A total disaster as we ended up on a foot only highland trail, we couldnt get off of. We did end up doing a yellow loop that was fairly fun...
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