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  1. Wazu

    What's Your Twitter Name?

    Heya people...long time no talk. I moved and whatnot so I haven't been near the mountains. Roadbiking now. Would love to hook up sometime for a ride of any kind and to also catch up. Been busy with several businesses including The Great Wazu. My Twitter name is TheGreatWazu if anyone wants to...
  2. Wazu

    Felt f75

    Just traded my kayak for a 2010 FELT F 75. I don't know Jack about road bikes so I hope I got an okay deal and that the bike is good. I never heard of the brand. Anybody know if its a descent bike? I won't be riding it till next week.
  3. Wazu

    29/26 Conversion HELP!

    Hi. Here is what I want to do. Or do I? I sure wish someone would help me decide on this one. For some reason I'm so on the fence! Any pearly words of wisdom?
  4. Wazu

    Mixing Politics/Biking Story

    So anyways, like 5 years ago I was thumbing through a DirtRag Magazine and I was reading an editorial written by Maurice Tierney. Long story short, it had to do with the war at the time and nothing at all to do with bikes. Lets just say that he took an extreme left hand stance. That's fine and...
  5. Wazu

    Deer Park Wed 10-15 2:45

    Heading out on Wednesday to Deer Park. Giving my body a rest this time. I'd like to do a slow-mid paced, non-stop fall ride for around 2-3 hours. Gonna avoid switchbacks and boulders when possible. I ain't looking for a workout but I'll end up getting one in the process of taking in a colorful...
  6. Wazu

    Mahlon Sunday 11:00 (HELP)

    Hi everyone. Me and and a friend of mine with intermediate skills are going to Mahlon Dickerson today. He has a gps but we have no idea where to go once we get there. If anyone wants to lead this ride you are MORE than welcome to show us. Hell, if anyone wants to get lost with us you are more...
  7. Wazu

    Deep Park Thurs 3

    Deer Park Thursday 10/2 3pm Riding Allamuchy South on Thursday at 3:00 if anyone wants to join me and my friend Ryan. It's gonna be a "nice fall ride", not a barn burner. Around an hour and half in the saddle....two hours max. kjnvf;a'mvkfldmvs'' slkmv/x kmvk xzzzzzzzzvmlk...
  8. Wazu

    Deer Park 3pm Monday

    Gonna hit up the home course at 3 pm on Monday. Gonna do like 15 miles give or take 5 miles either way depending on who shows and how work goes and what not. Doesn't have to be a race pace but a constant mash would be nice.
  9. Wazu

    Deer Park High Noon This Sunday

    CANCELLED/RAIN Deer Park High Noon This Sunday At High Noon I will NO LONGER be saddling-up for a FLOWING two-looper at Deer Park. Moving it to Monday 3ish.
  10. Wazu

    Allamuchy/517 Gate Today 3 O'clock

    Yo....I'm going on a ride today before the three day rain event. I'm taking my SS to the 517 Gate at three o'clock and settling in for a steady long ride. Probably gonna do around 15 miles or so, not including getting lost. Anyone is welcome and I'd love the company. Cheers 'n Beers...........Ger
  11. Wazu

    Wazu's New Baby Girl

    Hey everyone just dropping a line to say that my beautiful wife gave birth to my fifth child, Savannah on Sept 7th 11:55 pm. 7 lbs. 8oz. Mommy and baby are doing fine and will come home today hopefully.
  12. Wazu

    Waterloo/517 Question

    I stumbled upon a trailhead by a farm just off of 517N in like Tranquility. I had just done the orange and cardiac and vista deal at the 517 Gate Trail and then wandered up the hill on 517 and made a right onto a gravel road and there was the trail. The sign said Waterloo/517 Trail I believe...
  13. Wazu

    Sat. May 10 4:00ish Deer Park

    Going riding today at Deer Park. It would be nice to have some company. Gonna do less than 20 miles at a moderate pace but no stopping unless it's to wait for you at the tops of long hills, or you waiting for me. Looking for continuity. Went to the north section the other day. It was fun but...
  14. Wazu

    Deer Park Sunday 2/03 11:00

    CANCELLED Deer Park Sunday 2/03 11:00 Gonna be my first exercise in several months due to thumb injuries. Should be ugly. Gonna do prolly only 9 miles or so while going around most obstacles (grrrrr) and you may have to wait for me so if yer hard core I'd pass on this one. If you wanna shoot...
  15. Wazu

    1/20 Randolph Climing Gym 12 ish.

    Open invite....climbing at Randolph Gym (rt 10W to Salerno Duane (flag Pole,light) make right then a short bit to a left with huge business park signs. Gym on left like second building, next to gymnastics....natural real features like shelfs, cracks, protrusions, indentations and such. Not just...
  16. Wazu

    Any Inventors or U.S. Patent Holders/Applicants?

    Yes, yes it's corny but I'm an inventor. Any other weirdos out there? There's a show called Everydayedisons on pbs. They have casting calls and I'm going to one in May.
  17. Wazu

    Can you say, SMURF???
  18. Wazu

    5 Hrs of Deer Park Sunday 7 am - Noon

    This hike will take approximatly 5 hours. It's two 9 mile loops up and down the best hills of the park with almost no fire road to speak of. The pace will be moderate yet unwavering. Bring enough food and water and the hike will start at 7 am sharp. Should be a really great morning.
  19. Wazu

    Mt Tammany Hike Sunday 10:00 am

    We will be hiking Mt Tammany this Sunday the 23rd at 10:00 am. The hike should last somewhere in the viscinity of 3 hours ish. Maybe more, maybe less. Depends on Mare's mood at the time. ;) The pace will be "RyderX" (If you have time to talk about your Pinewood Derby win, you're not moving fast...
  20. Wazu

    Indoor/Outdoor Ice Skating

    Anybody wanna go skating? I go indoors now but when lake/pond/river conditions are good I'll be going to those places also. It's a great steady constant leg burn. Really works the butt back and hammies. When the conditions are right I'll be doing a Deer Park bike 'n skate and I'll post it if...
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