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  1. pooriggy

    Free couch and dresser.

    Will bring to Burning Manfest out at the cabin in September because fire. Coyote pick me up.
  2. pooriggy

    Free couch and dresser.

    I'm clearing out the old stuff. Come and get it, don't cost nuthin. I live in Cranford. Ethan Allen couch, still has life. Dresser
  3. pooriggy

    Any interest in a Kayak?

    Mitch. Jim. Is. Selling. A. Kayak.
  4. pooriggy

    Any interest in a Kayak?

    This wood have been gone my now last year.
  5. pooriggy

    SS DED

    But u still suck.🤪
  6. pooriggy

    Attic wood rot?

    A large Chimney cap is around $200, you'd have to measure opening first to get proper size. A handy man with a large enough ladder would probably charge less then $500.
  7. pooriggy

    Trimming trails in CR

    The Somerset County Parks has an agreement for Jorba to provide trail maintenance in Chimney Rock Park. It's not a question if Jorba is ok with you doing work but this is a question for Somerset County Parks. You would not be the first to perform rogue TM, I'm just giving you the heads up as...
  8. pooriggy

    What Bird Did You See Today?

    I'm amazed at how different birds make different nests. I was delighted to see a Baltimore Oriole nest in my back yard 2 yrs ago, sadly they only stayed one season. I found the nest on the ground today in my yard. It's a smart little clutch made of synthetic as well as organic fibers. It's...
  9. pooriggy

    Nassau Group Ride Sunday 6/6/21

    I forgot to take group pic. I loved seeing everyone today. Thank you ride leaders, today was awesome!
  10. pooriggy

    New Trail Build Perrineville

    The Monmouth County Park System is putting In a new trail in Perrineville Park, which will be about 2.5 miles. This will connect with other sections of Perrineville trails. Mine Hill is the new trail build and ground was broken today to get it started. This area has more elevation and will...
  11. pooriggy

    Moved to wanted

    Couch 7' wide, 3' deep. Free, white pillows not included. @mattsrabbit Dresser. Free 42" wide x 20" deep. Message me for address if you want.
  12. pooriggy

    Moved to wanted

    I have a couch you could have. I'll post pic tonight when I get home. It's about 15 yrs old but well made, Pottery barn. It's in fair shape, I found it comfortable. I live in Cranford. Also a dresser in decent shape you can have. I'll post that up later too.
  13. pooriggy

    Nassau Group Ride Sunday 6/6/21

    This address is for Foran Field. Look for cars in the field, that's my plan since I'm not very familiar with this area. 170 E Main St @Robin, will be leading a womens ride. Robin has been teaching mountain bike skills for several years and is very...
  14. pooriggy

    Nassau Group Ride Sunday 6/6/21

    I never know what to call the group we are talking about. Guys like you are not beginners, so I can't call it that. Calling you slow can sound politically incorrect. Everyone likes to identify themselves as Intermediate, maybe your group should be called Intermediates in no Rush?
  15. pooriggy

    Nassau Group Ride Sunday 6/6/21

    Thanks! I'll have you lead a slower paced ride.
  16. pooriggy

    Knee pads 2021

    The GForm wash well. Always air dry do not put in dryer.
  17. pooriggy

    Nassau Group Ride Sunday 6/6/21

    He doesn't like crowds, he'll probably ride Nassau the week after.
  18. pooriggy

    NYNJTC trifold in the office at WaWay

    I have seen Jorba brought up on FB mtb groups, it gets some likes, a few positive comments but that's about it. There seems to be little substance on FB/IG, it's basically a guick scroll through of sensationalized living. There are 4 local mtb groups that I know of on FB, they usually focus on...
  19. pooriggy

    James Pearl Thinks Blogging is Dead

    Yeah, I'm a Jane's fan but that's not prom material. But that's typical HS stuff. Kids think there music is gospel when In reality you need to know when to funk out on the dance floor to White Lines and when to go apeshit to Ministry at Lollapalooza. Amirite @jmanic .
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