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  1. pooriggy

    Free couch and dresser.

    I'm clearing out the old stuff. Come and get it, don't cost nuthin. I live in Cranford. Ethan Allen couch, still has life. Dresser
  2. pooriggy

    New Trail Build Perrineville

    The Monmouth County Park System is putting In a new trail in Perrineville Park, which will be about 2.5 miles. This will connect with other sections of Perrineville trails. Mine Hill is the new trail build and ground was broken today to get it started. This area has more elevation and will...
  3. pooriggy

    Nassau Group Ride Sunday 6/6/21

    It's time for another meet up with mtbs. We will be visiting Nassau on Sunday 6/6 for some smooth rolling flowing fun. This is a social event, all are welcome. We will split into smaller groups to allow for better flow management as well as to accomodate the fitness and ability level of the...
  4. pooriggy

    New Trails in Perrineville

    The Monmouth County Park System is putting in 3.5 miles of new trail in the Perrineville area beginning on June 5th, 2021 9am-12pm. If you would like to take part in the trail build fill out an volunteer application so that you may register to take park in the construction. The location is 95...
  5. pooriggy

    Help the Mountain Bike Community

    Hey everybody, I need your help, Parks managers need your help, the mountain biking community needs your help. I work for the Park System, now more than ever we need the mtb community to work with us. As more people enter parks these days, rogue trails only act to confuse them and pose a...
  6. pooriggy

    Group Ride Saturday 5/15

    Let's rally the troops and gather for the pure enjoyment of riding mountain bikes on trails together. Saturday May 15th we will be meeting at 9am to ride Stephens State Park. All are welcome to attend, we will break into smaller groups to accommodate various abilities and levels of fitness...
  7. pooriggy

    2020-2021 XC SKI

    The snow is back and the forecast is looking good up north for more white stuff. I skied High Point today with Paul. We hit all the trails and then went back on a few more. The grooming was weak, they don't spend many man hours on it and it shows. I was able to skate ski but lanes were too...
  8. pooriggy

    Thompson Elite Seatpost 30.9

    Thompson Elite Seatpost, 30.9 I realize everyone uses a dropper these days, however if you want a rigid seatpost, lightweight and dependable then buy this. It has scratches but works fine. $20 or whatever you want to give me. Good vibes, hugs, beer or sexual favors are fine.
  9. pooriggy

    Thompson Elite Seatpost 27.2

    Thompson Elite Seatpost, 27.2. I realize everyone uses a dropper these days, however if you want a rigid seatpost, lightweight and dependable then buy this. It has scratches but works fine. $20 or whatever you want to give me. Good vibes, hugs, beer or sexual favors are fine.
  10. pooriggy

    Who wants to build a Bike Park?

    After going to Kingdom Trails in VT for the last several years I'm always amazed at the cool new trails that show up every year. Wouldn't it be great if we had something like this to ride in NJ??!!! Let's build some awesome stuff here in NJ, all's we need is the land and some money. Does...
  11. pooriggy

    Stans 29er Arch Wheelset Non Boost

    Strong, light, dependable tubeless Wheelset. One wheel is missing a spoke but could be replaced. There in fair shape and have a lot of life left. $175 15x100 TA Front 12x142 TA Rear Stans Hub 6 bolt brake mount. Comes with Ignitor and Racing Ralph tire.
  12. pooriggy

    Carbon Bars Wanted 31.8

    I'm looking for Carbon, 31.8 diameter 760-800 length. Ideally 20mm rise, 9mm sweep. Folks are upgrading to 35 mm diameter these days, if you have a 31.8, let me know. Thx
  13. pooriggy

    Shimano XC700 MTB SHOES 10.5

    I ordered the wrong size, I tried to break them in but my toes cried mercy. I used them for about a month, but there still like new. $40 Shimano XC700 MTB SHOES EU 45 US 10.5
  14. pooriggy


    People usually don't think about safety until they get hurt or they know someone that got hurt. Recently I was on a ride where someone got hurt, so here is my PSA. I'll start off by saying the most important piece of equipment to have is a helmet. Wear a helmet. It's not enough to just own a...
  15. pooriggy


    If you've never done it, now is a perfect time to give yoga a try. You have the time, it's good for you and doing it in the privacy of your home can take some of the awkwardness out of going to a studio and feeling like a spaz in front of others. All studios are using Zoom, or something...
  16. pooriggy

    Hop Brook Race Postponed

    I just saw that Hop Brook xc race scheduled for 4/5/20 is postponed. Their permit to use the park was revoked due to the Corona Virus. They did not post a replacement date.
  17. pooriggy

    Group Gravel Ride 3/7 Columbia Trail

    We are pleased to announce the next group ride will be a collaboration with our friends at Team HB Hilltop. Join us on a trek down the Columbia trail. This is a gravel ride, which is suitable for all levels of cyclists, beginner to expert. Bring what you have, mountain bike, gravel bike, CX...
  18. pooriggy

    Ascutney Trails VT

    Has anyone been to Ascutney recently? I'm looking to explore new places and Trailforks claims 35+miles. If you've been, how are the trails, town atmosphere, places to stay & eat? I've been going to Kingdom for years, but may be switching things up this year. I see Woodstock(Mount Peg Trails)...
  19. pooriggy

    Group Ride Deer Park Rescheduled to 2/22

    Let's come together, ride bikes and be social. We are riding Deer Park Saturday 2/8, 9am. Local Mayor Matty will be leading us on a fun loop. This is a relative of Stephens, similar terrain, which means some rock, some elevation and a lot of flow. Deer Park is not beginner friendly but more for...
  20. pooriggy

    Group Ride 1/18 Stephens 9am

    It's a new year, filled with monthly group rides to join in, stay fit and connect with the community. We will be riding Saturday the 18th at Stephens, 9am. These trails are intermediate terrain with some rocks and elevation. The local mayor @ReggieHammond will be there to lead us in fun. As...
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