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  1. Allamuchy Joe

    Shout out to 45NRTH and Marty's Reliable Cycle!

    Last year at Dirtfest, I bought a pair of 45NRTH Fasterkat winter cycling boots from Rothrock Outfitter in PA. I started using the boots around the December timeframe for mountain biking and a couple of weeks ago the zipper failed on me. I contacted 45NRTH and they instructed me to bring them...
  2. Allamuchy Joe

    Mulefut Rear Wheel, 190/197mm $225

    Hey guys, I have a surplus to me Mulefut Rear wheel for a fatbike. I am looking to sell it. I was planning on getting a new fatbike frame with the 197 spacing and got this wheel in anticipation of that. However, my plans have changed and it is now surplus. I am asking $225 for it. Here are the...
  3. Allamuchy Joe

    Santa Cruz LARGE Blur LT2, 2012

  4. Allamuchy Joe

    Santa Cruz Blur, 2012 Medium

  5. Allamuchy Joe

    Kittatinny Trail Closures???

    I did a quick ride in Kittatinny yesterday AM. I have not been there for a while. I saw there were three trails recently closed on the loop that goes toward Route 206. The closures don't have signs, but they are blocked at the entrances. Anyone know the details on these? Any more planned...
  6. Allamuchy Joe

    DirtRag's Dirtfest 2014

    Okay -- the holidays are over and we are now into 2014. Time to look ahead to this year's events. One of the mountain biking highlights of 2014 for me will be Dirtrag's Dirtfest at Lake Raystown. This year's event is sponsored by Niner Bikes. Last year, we had a ton of fun! Who is planning on...
  7. Allamuchy Joe

    W. Kerr Scott Dam, North Carolina

    Dawn and I went down to North Carolina this past week and had a great time riding at the W. Kerr Scott Dam near Wilkesboro, NC. It is another Army Corps of Engineers dam project with a campground & a lot of trails. The trails are "Raystown-like", but a little more singletrack. What was really...
  8. Allamuchy Joe

    Massive Plant Growth this year?

    I don't know if it is me, but are the plants growing faster this year? I have ridden Stephens, Deer Park and Allamuchy North and some of the trails are almost closed in already with plant life. Usually that tends to happen later in the season, but here it is at the beginning of June. I've got...
  9. Allamuchy Joe

    2001-2008 Volvo S60 Thule Roof Rack - $100

    I have a Volvo S60 roof rack made by Thule. These are also know as load bars. This rack will fit the 2001-2008 Volvo S60. These are a little more "refined" than the Thule Racks, as they are made specifically for the Volvo S60. The rack is in great shape with some scuff marks on the plastic...
  10. Allamuchy Joe

    Monocog 29er SS for Sale with Upgrades

    SOLD. Thank you for everyone's interest. Joe
  11. Allamuchy Joe

    Deer Shotgun Week (12/5-12/10)

    Hey everyone, It's deer and bear shotgun time! Please try to stay out of the hunters way during this week of 12/5-12/10 as this is the only time they can hunt deer and bear with shotguns. If you want to ride, I'd suggest the county parks or Kittatinny and leave the other state parks for the...
  12. Allamuchy Joe

    RIP Cycleworks

    Last night, John and Frank from Cycleworks hosted an inpromtu final "hang out" session at Cycleworks in Byram. They supplied pizza and most folks brought some beer. Leave it to John and Frank to have Cycleworks say goodbye to their loyal customers and friends the same way they did business --...
  13. Allamuchy Joe

    Ex-24HOA Race Weekend Weather

    No way -- just look at the weather for this weekend -- the Ex-24-Hours-of-Allamuchy weekend. PERFECT WEATHER!!!! Unreal. 0% chance of rain, mid 70's to mid 80's during the day, low humidity. The curse is lifted????
  14. Allamuchy Joe

    New Riders -- Come to JORBAfest

    I noticed there seems to be a bunch of new riders (or retread riders) signing up on the this board lately. I just wanted to let you know of a festival that you guys might enjoy. This Saturday, September 12th, we are having our 2nd annual JORBA Mountain Bike Festival. It will feature beginner...
  15. Allamuchy Joe

    JORBAfest Ride Descriptions

    A know a lot of this is basic for MTBNJ'ers, but these are the general ride descriptions we are going to have available at the festival. Last year we had some people who underestimated the difficulty of the terrain and duration of the ride, so we are publishing these descriptions to help folks...
  16. Allamuchy Joe

    JORBA Bike Fest Schedule, 9/12/2009

    Tentative JORBA Bike Fest Schedule, 9/12/2009 Hey folks, it is almost time for the 2nd AnnualJORBA Bike Festival. As most of you know, the festival will be on Saturday, September 12th at the Waterloo Concert Field in Stanhope, NJ. For more information, please visit...
  17. Allamuchy Joe

    Promised Land State Park

    DD- and I went camping with a group of friends to Promised Land State Park in Pennsylvania. Like usual, we brought our mountain bikes with us. While the overall camping trip was a blast, the riding there completely sucks. If you are even the slight be curious and thinking of checking it out...
  18. Allamuchy Joe

    Kenda Bike Fest Cancelled?

    A buddy of mine found this posting on the Kendafest site: Here is the quote: Response from Jim at Kenda, received today: The festival is owned by Blue Dog Enterprises and this is Bruce Fina...
  19. Allamuchy Joe

    Gun Owners?

    Just curious, how many gun owners do we have on this forum? DD- and I went shooting with John & Lily from Cycleworks on New Year's Day near Tannersville in PA. Damn cold but also Damn fun! Perhaps some of us could get together during the winter to go shooting. Between DD- and me, we have 4...
  20. Allamuchy Joe

    Thank you From JORBA FEST Committee

    Fellow Mountain Bikers, I'd like to say, thank you all from the JORBA Fest committee -- Dawn Casey (DD-), Jeff Mergler (Mergs), Chris Desanctis (Theferralkid), Ken Seebeck (Ken S), Steve Marencik (Shaggz), Bob Workman (Bob W) and Karen Workman. We were so surprised at the volume of folks that...
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