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  1. kerrybelle

    NRP Recovery Pump

    Anyone need a freon recovery system? I have a NRP (National Refrigeration Products) Globe Saver recovery pump.
  2. kerrybelle

    Zipp 404 Clinchers 700c

    Zipp 400 Clincher 700c for sale. Asking $1000. They are lightly used and in excellent condition. I will post pictures tonight. Thanks, Kerry
  3. kerrybelle

    Google Earth Help

    Anyone know how to save a picture from Google Earth?? I can copy the image on the edit funtion (toolbar), but I can't seem to put it anywhere. I'm in kind of a bind and need to do this quickly. Thanks, Kerry
  4. kerrybelle

    Way to go Jess

    There was a Bulldog sighting on Route 70 this afternoon...... What a great day for getting those miles in. Too bad I was at work. Kerry
  5. kerrybelle

    Allaire Sat. 9/1

    Christina and I will be riding Allaire on Saturday. Not sure what time, but probably mid morning. Shoot me a message if you'd like to join us. Kerry
  6. kerrybelle

    news: biker fails to notice missing leg

    Biker fails to notice missing leg Tue Aug 14, 2007 9:52AM EDT TOKYO (Reuters) - A Japanese biker failed to notice his leg had been severed below the knee when he hit a safety barrier, and rode on for more than a mile, leaving a friend to pick up the missing limb. The 54-year-old office...
  7. kerrybelle

    Fair Hills Poker Run 2007 Poker Run As a pre-ride of part of the race course and just an all around fun event, we plan to hold the annual Poker Run at Fair Hill Natural Resources Management Area in beautiful Fair Hill Maryland on Saturday, June...
  8. kerrybelle

    Great ride girls.....

    Had a great ride today with Jess and Carol. It was good to meet you, Carol. Hope to get out with you again. Anyway, here's the map player for the ride: Kerry
  9. kerrybelle

    bicycle crashes

    Some of these videos are prime examples of what happens when you're looking where you DON'T want to go.....
  10. kerrybelle

    This is impressive
  11. kerrybelle

    Slatyfork Women's Weekends

    I went to this camp, with Sue Haywood, last year and highly recommend it! It was definitely worth the money. They've added more to the package this year, too. The trails were great and the food was unbelievably good! If you can make it, I'd certainly go. Kerry
  12. kerrybelle

    let's get some rides going...

    All right girls, lets start planning some rides. Anyone planning on riding in the Running of the Dogs race, in April? It will be my first race, ever, in any type of sport. Ruth and I are teaming up. Should be a lot of fun. Kerry
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